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The Battle of Bowang


*full-view please* :bow:
Tools: Watercolors, watercolor paper


A recent painting about "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". This work is about Zhuge Liang. It took me so long to finish, just don't know why. =.= Perhaps I'm a bit tired of painting wars and battle fields. However, the "Three Kingdoms Series" will be continued in the future, there are still many things about that era which I'd like to paint.

The historical background of this battle:

The Battle of Bowang, also known as the Battle of Bowang Slope, was a battle fought between the warlords Cao Cao and Liu Bei in 202 during the prelude to the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

During the battle, Liu Bei suddenly set fire to his camp and retreated south. Xiahou Dun, a general of Cao Cao gave chase but Li Dian (another general of Cao Cao) cautioned him, "I suspect that there's an ambush because the bandits (referring to Liu Bei's forces) are retreating for no reason. The paths to the south are narrow and the bushes are thick there. Do not pursue." Xiahou Dun ignored Li Dian's warning and left Li behind to guard the camp while he led the rest of his troops to pursue Liu Bei's retreating army. As predicted by Li Dian, Liu Bei did indeed set an ambush, and Xiahou Dun fell into the trap and was defeated. Li Dian's regiment came to Xiahou Dun's rescue and Liu Bei retreated after seeing Li Dian's reinforcements.

In the historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the Battle of Bowang is regarded as the first battle of Zhuge Liang.


《蜀相》 杜甫

Hope you enjoy!:iconhappysunenjoysplz: Thank you for viewing and comments are very welcomed. :heart:

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The WIP of this painting

For more works, please check out my "Three Kingdoms gallery" : [link]
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Great work!! Heart Love 
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you for your praising! OuO
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ROTK is da best! Really nice job with watercolors! 
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you for your praising!
UtopianWhisper's avatar
This is magnificent ;-)
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you for your praising!:rose:
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
What's the point of having a general if you ignore his advice? Silly king. I hope he rewarded the man for saving his backside.

Stupendous work, by the way. I like the expression of the dying soldier in the background.
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like my work!!OvO :rose:
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
:rose: for Aura~!! Non vediamo da molto!! >V<
sweet-innocent-aura's avatar
I can tell you!! I missed you soooo much, my talented sister :huggle: thank you for the rose :glomp:
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Anche ioooo!!Mia sorella!!:hug: Un'altra piu bella per te!! :iconoak-elfglitter:
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Chapeau :bow: beautiful work :clap:
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Thank you very much, my friend!!:hug:
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This is so beautiful! Very nice details! Congratulations!
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it!!:rose: >v<
captamzai's avatar so beautiful * v *
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much!!>v<
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Holy...! Look at da colors! So beautiful! I luv it!
Zhuge Liang was always my favorite! :3
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you for your compliments, Glad you like it!!:rose:
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
啊... 終於完成了啊...

- 梁文道 《武侯贊》
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
對的,是終於···=. 我差點以為完成不了,果然擱置太久是不好的。就如《曹劌論戰》說:“一鼓作氣,再而衰,三而竭。” 畫了一半就放在一角不想畫了,要是諸葛武侯在天有靈知道的話,想必會一腳把我踢到大西洋去餵鯊魚吧···(囧)

不知道你對這一幅有沒有什麼感想或意見? =)

嗯···很快就會著手畫另一幅了,也許量子力學要先擱置一旁吧··· (這雪兒的腦細胞好像有限··)我想畫趙匡胤,其實去年二月已經想畫了,但那時正在畫長坂坡之戰,於是趕不及畫。天啊,你知道我手腳慢啊···=.=;; 於是好不容易等到今年···對!我希望在三月二十一前畫好,是獻給他也是給自己的生日禮物。我像個孝子賢孫嗎···(?)
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