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Twilight Sparkle MLP

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Twilight Sparkle MLP

God DAMN, I love ponys

Oh, the trolls. It's so cute. Really it is. your anger tastes like candy. Yummy Yummy nerd rage candy. OMNOMNOM

Don't like how dark her skin is, you racist fools?...Try THIS [link]
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SirenKMHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! This would be so much better as an Equestria Girl than what they have now!
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PrinceJaiStudent Traditional Artist
I like that her skin is darker. It suits her character really well.
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AWESOME!Es increible! 
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Atleast they made her purple in da movie..or else people will think its racist XD
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TornadosAdoptablesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this one!
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so cute! she's perfect, this is almost exactly how i think human twilight would look... except that her eye shape would be more like her pony form
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the-gneechProfessional Digital Artist
This is perfect human Twi. :) Well done!
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lonelydarkness21Student Traditional Artist
I personally think that she looks Hispanic in this picture and what do I think about that? I love it! I wish that people on the internet would include the mane 6 being different races. Those people who are saying ' Twilight Sparkle is NOT black. How could you treat her like this' are all being stupidly racist and immature.Twily Icon :3  doesn't approve
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UnluckyxSe7enStudent General Artist
I don't get it. I hear a lot of people complain about when artists make the mane six all white, now I'm hearing that there are complaints for the opposite, too.... UGH! Whatever, stupid hater people! You're just jealous you can't draw her so cute yourself! ... Or something.

Anyways,  I think you had the right response - you don't even balk in the face of their anger, you just turn around and show them how saucy you can get. You don't let anyone the boss of you. ;)
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Loth-EthHobbyist Photographer
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CassiusTainHobbyist General Artist
dat signature
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katnisseverdenboHobbyist General Artist
I  am with u I love ponys to X3
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FoggedMemoriesStudent Artist
Omg! Great job!
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Twilight is one of those Canadians that is part native American/Inuit, because MLP has different backgrounds with each character that makes the show special.
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Monochrome-CrystalHobbyist Traditional Artist
Her skin ain't that dark, it just looks like she has a tan.

Anyways, really cute drawing! You really capture her youth and happy personality! :D
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CorruptedNovaHobbyist Digital Artist
how would you know? People have different interpretations.  I prefer to see the Mane 6 with different races instead of all of them being pale, it makes it more diverse and interesting.
Monochrome-Crystal's avatar
Monochrome-CrystalHobbyist Traditional Artist
Plus it's more realistic because they're all different colors anyways
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CorruptedNovaHobbyist Digital Artist
lol, true
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Penguinator24Hobbyist Photographer
She looks lovely!
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Flashsentry-rpStudent Artist
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princessbabylaniiHobbyist Digital Artist
Cleo Clapping looks nice!Other ponies look nice also!
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LittleTigerAngelHobbyist Artist
That's so Twilight!
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