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I'm planning a kickstarter!

So what should I Kickstart? (make sure to visit the poll at the top of my home page to vote.

The options:

1. An art book filled with my drawings!  This would be a collection of artwork, including drawings that I've not put up on dA.  Most likely a hard bound book with no particular theme to it, unless I so feel like it.
2. Fund The Dead Hand Used Bookstore to be a Webcomic!  I would be making TDHUBS a webcomic and updating bi-weekly, possibly tri-weekly.  The advantage of this is that you would get to read the comic as it is being made.  I would most likely (when the volume is complete) have a second kickstarter to print it.
3. A print copy of The Dead Hand Used Bookstore full volume!  This would take a year and I would request the funding for it to take that long.  Then I'd have the books printed as a hardcover volume.  Out of all of these this would be the most costly of the bunch.  The Pledge amounts would be rather high, but there would be a lot of rewards.  A big downside is that I would not put the pages up online at all, and they would only be available in print form.
4. A print copy of the making of TDHUBS and the first 7 pages!  A small 20 page book that shows the character designs and other concept designs that lead up to the current characters in TDHUBS.  It would end with the 7 page prologue to the story.
5. I want them all!!!!! Choose this one if you're not picky about what one you would like to see made.

Please feel free to add comments below if you have any other ideas of what you would like to see from me.  :)  What other prizes would intrest you?  a t-shirt? poster? let me know :)
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auroradragonkaya Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
I honestly would want all of it. :P
Higher tier rewards that are always great are books that are actually sketched in with one of the characters. (Signed books being available at a slightly higher tier than unsigned is also a good idea.)
Prints and posters are good, as they're relatively cheap, and they can be available at their own tier and one in combo with book and multiple things. :)

I voted I want them all, but... I actually really, really want dead hand! :X So pretend I voted for that, lol. (I'd like it to be a webcomic too, but I don't think you can do that with kickstarter. They want tangible projects with set endings and time limits, not ongoing things like webcomics.)
I think a better idea would to be going for printing the book being the main goal, BUT having a stretch goal of making it a webcomic/posted online. :) That will hopefully encourage people to spend a bit more, too.

Good luck!
AmeliaPenDraws Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Professional Artist
I like the idea of doing it so that a webcomic is a stretch goal. and I will pretend you voted for the DHUBS book XD
AmaltheaTwin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
a tshirt of your webcomic would be cool. :3

Perhaps a book bag with TDHUBS on the side to encourage more reading?

Good Luck!
AmeliaPenDraws Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Professional Artist
That would be cool, I will have to look into it.
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Submitted on
January 29, 2013