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A beleza no triste
Em frente à sua casa, insegura como sempre estive, cruzei o portão que me separava de você.
Eu entrei e vi o sorriso da mulher que te trouxe ao mundo, o sofá onde costumávamos conversar, a mesa onde me foi servida aceitação e gentileza, o tapete sobre o qual te entreguei meus segredos mais confusos naquele dia trêmulo de cumplicidade, e vi você ali, parado, o homem feito de mar.
Homem este que é meu, até que se prove o contrário.
Saboreei a brisa salgada na sua respiração. Afundei no azul dos seus olhos. Senti a vida se esvair do meu ser quando sua mão de rochas tocou meu rosto - a mesma mão que destruiu os navios dos meus medos, que poupou meus sonhos naufragados, que afogou gentilmente minhas incertezas.
Sua voz, o rugido das ondas, a voz que de verdade te pertencia, a que eu ouvi tantas vezes e que eu reconheceria em qualquer lugar a qualquer momento, aquela que eu julguei esquecida e superada, essa voz
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 0
A beleza no morto
Ai de mim,
que vi brotar, em sua exuberância,
a flor mais feia do jardim
no solo árido e imaturo do meu coração.
Mal havíamos aberto as pétalas da juventude,
e já nos jurávamos fidelidade atemporal.
Amor eterno e sem barba.
Suspiros ingênuos em roupas de escola.
Não durou um ano.
Como dizia o poetinha, no entanto, que seja infinito
(e foi)
(ou ainda que não)
Tão infinito
que ainda ecoa nas paredes frias dos meus dias,
que ainda ouço o gotejar suave do sangue
que escorre da saudade aberta no meu peito.
Mas saudade sempre tivemos,
principalmente do que não era nosso.
Se houvesse o destino dos amantes
(que não há),
ele nos condenaria à separação eterna,
ao divórcio de nossas mentes já tão intrínsecas,
ao paralelismo maldito de nossas solidões.
Como ele não há
(e nunca houve),
quem decretou o fim fui eu, meu amor.
(sem você)
tomei a decis&
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 0 2
A + M
"So, what do you think?" Michael asked, not only with his voice, but with his eyes. He was close enough to hear Audrey's breathing but not that close to understand the mess that her brain was trying to untangle. He was so much in love with her that none of alternatives felt right. She had to say yes, and she would eventually. Michael just knew that.
They were under what can be called "their tree". It was the spot they first kissed. There was something magical about that place, no one could really get it. But Audrey and Michael did. There was where, as Michael liked to say, you can see "the sky as it turns dreamy red but the gray city still lies ahead with all its reality". Audrey used to close her eyes every evening, remembering his tone when he said that. It was moments before their first kiss. The best day of her life, in fact. They had ice cream cones that day and ran after a puppy in the park. Fun, I know, and cute too.
Anyway, they were under the tree. That's what was really going
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 2 0
Mine or nobody else's
I don't want it to suddenly end.
Another turbulence of soul, another loneliness.
Stay here forever, lie down with me and look at the stars.
Words crossing in our conversations,
without a defined direction and without a goal.
Our voices just fly about, free and in love.
Only wind and light, our eternities together.
You and me: Calmness and Storm.
The perfect balance, you and me.
If you stay, I'll send soft rains to the field.
If you leave, I'll bring secular floods
and annihilate your winds and your warmth
and I'll murder every life in your life.
I'll rise up tides and cover the earth,
for the emptiness of my heart may never come back.
Chaos will come if you leave.
It's not a threat, it's a warning.
So stay.
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 10
oh, Burn!
"Kiss me?"
"I don't think so..."
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 9
First kisses
As an assumed not-normal girl, I think I have the divine right to say: I'm Amelia and my kisses have colors.
I know it's weird, but it's the truth. Every time I kiss a guy for the first time, a color pops up in my head, as well as a sentence. My friends say I'm crazy and that the only color you see when kissing is black, because your eyes are closed.
But that's not me.
So far, I had six first kisses.
My first kiss was pink: soft, light, calm. Exactly what a first kiss should be. And the sentence that came up to me was "Is this it?". I laughed really hard afterwards; I had no idea what kissing was like. His name was Peter.
My second first kiss was red. I know, it should have been intense and hot, but it wasn't. It was a cold red, pretty weird. My mind immediately pictured my own voice saying "he's not the one". Well, I dated that guy for almost a year. His name was Louis.
My third first kiss was gray. It was pretty sad and fast. I don't think I should consider it, but I promised myself
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 5 21
True artists don't hide behind names
Artists: nameless creatures, inhabitants of Cosmos.
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 5 11
When I know I love you
"Sweetie, I want babies with you!"
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 12
Absent-mindedness, smiles, cuts, broken teeth, sweets, music, sun, disappointment, you.
Selfishness, frowning, irony, broken heart, salt, books, evening, hope, me
Calm, dispair, love, anger, death, life, friendship, jealousy, silence, noise, us.
It's just you and me. Or it was you and me.
Distance, awkwardness, tears, screams, missing, lovesick, now. Not really that much different than before.
We never made any sense, but at least we made no sense together.
I want you back, but I can't.
There's still one last thing that keeps us apart, despite every other things:
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 8
Stolen Heaven
For one moment, and one moment only, the universe stopped. We were living our daily lives, pretending to be alright and letting everyone else believe that we had finally parted from each other, which was clearly not true. I thought about him every hour of every day, and he sighed whenever I crossed his mind.
For nights and nights, we both lied silently, each one of us in our own beds, next to the people we married, one world away from our true love. If I closed my eyes, though, and stayed really still, I could almost feel his arms around me. While he, breathing heavily and deeply, could catch a memory of my scent, somewhere in his air.
Even though we have been separated for years, that spark would never die. No other man could love me like he did; no other woman could make him feel like a man as I could. Wrong choices had made us end it all and pride stopped us from reconciling, but Julian and I knew that what happened was meant to be.
I mean, we were made to suffer.
We both were born
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 0 9
Mature content
Junk :iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 10
An old intelligent mind
"I grow wider instead of older."
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 5
a Girl in Love
"Her feet barely touch the ground."
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 1 42
The price of freedom: absolute silence.
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 17 14
"Why do you always give up?!"
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 4 9
Every mom does that...
"Why not?!"
"Because I said so!"
:iconameliadossantos:AmeliadosSantos 8 17


Retrato by Tadeu-Costa Retrato :icontadeu-costa:Tadeu-Costa 27 4
Little Brother
Dangling rope.
Good bye, little brother.
:iconshasta-rose:Shasta-Rose 10 18
Childhood Memories
Fingers stained like the darkest sky.
:icontalvipaivanseisaus:talvipaivanseisaus 11 0
Best quotes selection
“– Cool... fields – I said.
   – Not very cool after the games – Jason said.
   – Games?
   He looked at me and grinned.
  – You Greeks can't get all the fun, right?”
  Jason and Leo; Leo’s POV; 01
“I was seriously surprised as if I had just been given a slap on my face by Grover.”
  Annabeth on her thoughts; 03
Let me give you a hit, son of Jupiter, Lupa said. Take the son of Poseidon; you're gonna need him since you're going to be in the sea.
   Oh, wow, wise choice. Thank you.”
  Lupa to Jason and Percy’s thoughts; Percy’s POV, 04
  “– Gwendolyn Days, daughter of Apollo; but you can call me Gwen.
   – I probably will.”
  Gwen and Leo; Gwen’s POV; 04
“– This has nothing to do with him being biologically stupid.”
:iconkaahiescheck:kaahiescheck 3 2
back to the sea by burdge back to the sea :iconburdge:burdge 8,078 521 Manifest by quietsecrets Manifest :iconquietsecrets:quietsecrets 910 88 Shila by viria13 Shila :iconviria13:viria13 7,525 349
Solucao (Solution)
Após ter pensado a mesma coisa
mil vezes
sem chegar a qualquer solução,
vale a pena tentar outra vez
ou isso é apenas uma ilusão?
:iconc-allagash:C-Allagash 6 3
Ancient Dancers - Indian and Berber by LeraMar Ancient Dancers - Indian and Berber :iconleramar:LeraMar 3 0
Zoey (my baby sister)
So small,
So precious.
So beautiful,
So brave.
So full of life,
And only a few days old.
We hardly know each other,
But the love I feel is unconditional.
The bond between sisters is unbreakable.
I love you so much,
And I pray that you'll be alright,
For every dream I have,
I kiss you goodnight,
A sisters love is full of delight.
I love you Zoey Marie Williams.
:iconhippyjess:hippyJess 34 49
Six Word Story- Alzheimer's
Taking away precious memories since 1906.
:iconfirestar101:Firestar101 22 15
Born to create.
Live to destroy.
:iconfango-pango:fango-pango 27 106
Sometimes i wish i could be your supergirl,
to protect you from anyone who could hurt you.
I wish i could fly,
to be wherever you are,
wherever you need me.
I would be there for you.
I would like to read minds,
to understand you,
know what you feel and
support you.
I wish i could have super strength,
to always protect you and hug you tight.
I would like to stop the time too,
to see what i did wrong,
what happend to us,
what i can change.
To come back in time and undo my mistakes.
The only superpower i have, but i wish i hadnt,
is the one of being invisible.
Being invisible to you.
:iconelyseealexandra:ELYSEEALEXANDRA 13 10
Romantic ideas are just romantic ideas.
:iconc-allagash:C-Allagash 9 8
I was ten years old.
Two days after you went to the hospital and died, I walked into your room as I came home from school, and I said hello to it.
I told it that I was sorry for its loss.
I told it that it shouldn't worry though because I would keep it nice and water the plants while you were gone.
They were dead pretty damn fast.
:icondozeofftome:dozeofftome 14 14
#SixWordStories Feature: July 16 - July 30
A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.
In our feature articles, we will be showcasing selections of the wonderful six word stories submitted to our bi-weekly word and theme prompts. New bi-weekly prompts will also be announced here.
Word Prompt: You Know
Short Term Memory Loss by nightwhisperer37 The Story of Every Fandom, Ever by epicsherlockian6678 Truly Beautiful by Deus-Suetonius
Theme Prompt: Story of My Life
Interview With The Author by epicsherlockian6678
:iconmode-de-vie:mode-de-vie 7 13


What is in fact real beauty? Is it hidden in the air? Can it really be true, that beauty is in the eyes of those who see it? I don't really believe that sort of nonsense. Beauty is indeed everywhere. We simply choose not to see it, or more precisely not to recognize it. It is frowned upon, when something dreadful or confusing or simply plain is considered beautiful. However, not for me. I choose to see it in every corner. I choose not to be blind and to let myself be amazed by what the world has to offer me.
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AmeliadosSantos's Profile Picture
Amelia dos Santos
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
okay, let's see.

I love books.

I endure music.

I suck at Chemistry.

I'm a heartbreaker/broken-hearted girl.

I love walking without shoes on.

I want to be a nomad when I'm able to afford it (which suits perfectly what I just saw in a test: according to Avatar - The Last Airbender, I'm an AirBender. A nomad! Yay!). That's what human beings were made for, right? We walk long distances, further than any other animal, and we adapt to all kinds of environment. Why contradict nature?

Deep thoughts: I write because it's the only moment of the day when I'm completely sure that I don't need to have a name or a body. I just have to listen to my mind telling me what to write down. I don't really think I need a name at all. I'm a writer, and writers are lonely wanderers. We observe and tell stories, nothing else. I don't fit in this world, because I'm not from it. I don't exist, really. I watch, I learn, I listen. Everyone is my character is a story that will never be finished.



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