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Published: April 12, 2006
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MaximArrtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Crying Mako 
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Young girl named Lia Mills speech for stop abortion, please watch this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzUb6i…
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Aswhy-stuffHobbyist Digital Artist
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OjmjakomHobbyist Interface Designer
it is a good idea
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 I think this photo oversimplifies the topic of abortion. 
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ElizabethSperryStudent General Artist
Why throw a toy doll? I want to see a real baby flying! lol i'm a troll
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Haunted-kittyHobbyist General Artist
I think women should get a choice. If they get raped, why should they be forced to have the baby?

Also, a lot (I mean a lot) of people say it is "killing" the baby. first off, it is a fetus. Second off, the abortion is done when the baby hasn't completely formed. If the baby is formed, then it is illegal.

Although, I'm not sure what this piece of art is conveying. Can someone help me figure it out?
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Okay fine its rape. But most abortions because of rape mostly because the woman didn’t use protection and decides to kill another human being. But if it were rape she can always put it up for adoption.
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Birth control is never Safe 100%.
Also do you think it is good for a baby growing inside a women who doesen't want it?
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ShesviiProfessional Traditional Artist
Go and give birth to a baby that has the raper face. Go and live the 9 months of pregnancy knowing that the seed of the raper is growing inside of you.
Do it.
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I’d rather have the baby then kill it.
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ShesviiProfessional Traditional Artist
You say that because you haven't been raped :no:.
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I dont need to be raped. But look at it. Most woman abort because they use UNPROTECTED sex.
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ShesviiProfessional Traditional Artist
Don't change the main topic, we are talking about raped women.
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Why not raped boys?
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ShadowManGMRHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why should the baby have to die because of a rape? Why compound one tragedy by adding another?
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Noxious-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
I agree with what you have said here, and I think the artwork is showing that getting an abortion is like you are just throwing away the life of your child (which I don't really agree with, but I think that is what it is saying)
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Haunted-kittyHobbyist General Artist
okay thanks. 

I don't agree with it either
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OMG!  I cannot stop staring at it.  So many feelings here and the fact that you lit the comment boards on fire with this one shows what a powerful statement a photo can make.  I have to admit that I flinched when I first saw it, but regardless of which side of the argument you are on, this image is strong!
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