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Altair Ezio caught on the spot

my original thought was to draw something like "grandpa's being a mental support for his grand-grand-grand...son when he's really down"...then it turned out to be a joking piece...orz...

Anyways, Alty doesn't like it when he sees Ezio fooling around...XD

altair, ezio (c) Ubisoft
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Lmao this was great! I can just imagine this happening in my head, great job.

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Altaïr - Son, you've got a lot to learn about being an assassin. So stop flirting with the woman and get your lazy ass to killing. Bloody youth these days

Ezio - shit...
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Nice job on Altair.

Poor Ezio.  #NotReally #HeDeservesIt

No wonder Altair does so well at impersonating a monk.
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Bad Ezio! Setting such a bad example for baby Desmond.
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I know they are set in different time periods because they want the assassin world to be realistic in terms of history. I like how they meld fiction within rea life history so well. I especially love the role they gave Leonardo Di Vinci. I do wonder what it would've been like if Ezio lived in the same time period as Altair. Boy, that would've been chaos, but one I'd like to see.
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Uh, oh....Poor Ezio. Better luck next time. Nice job! :thumbsup:
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they actualy arent related. ubisoft revealed it themseles
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Really?  Exactly what did Ubisoft say about it?  And where was it said?
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Oh Ezio... You cannot fool Alty! ^^
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Aawwww that's adorable! XD lmaooo oh silly Ezio...thought you could fool Alty...what a silly boy x33
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Haha sorry u cant fool Altair
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it's kinda adorable xD

love the style
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This is cute :) Love it.
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LMAO!! I love it! The best way to catch our beloved Ezio is when he is chatting up the ladies hehheh
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hahaha! first thing to make me smile today :D Altair does fit to be a strict patron, watching his grand grand grandsons and making sure they're not having too much fun... I can pretty much see Ezio sat in the corner, facing the wall XD
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lol cute^^
i just can imagine some more seriousness^^ ezios bodylanguages just screams "despair"
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I love you. xD <3
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AHAAHAH, I LOVE Ezio's expression. Ezio, how dare you fool around when there's work to be done?!!? xD
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hehe so True
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Altair always killing the fun XD
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