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Published: October 17, 2015
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Art Commissions Status: Open
Commission Prices
Editing: Open
Narration: semi-open
Others: message


These prices include both Second Life and Paypal, as there are people that prefer paying by $L due to finding me first through Second Life. Also some of the items here are only available as objects within Second Life. With SL's announcement that they will be making accounts for everyone with Tilia (grumble, more to manage) I would prefer Ko-fi and Paypal instead of Lindens... but I will still accept them as it means I'll still be able to easily have funds for SL shop rent and paying the rent on the Trotsdale Library plot.

Art Specials!
I am open for FANTASY seahorse (or fantasy in general) characterization commissions in color pencils. I ask $10 per portraiture on these and an additional $10 per extra character. Other art media are not included in this special. In most cases if the original is desired (when done on paper) in addition to the scan shipping will need to be calculated and added.

I am also open for QUICK SKETCH PORTRAITS. I ask $5 per sketch portrait in mechanical pencil. Reference will be required in the pose you want sketched.

Mini Ink Sketches are also available and rand from 2x2 to 2.5x2.5 inches on Bristol Board. Ink brushes or calligraphy brushes are used. Black is the usual although I can grind other colors to work with. $3 each or the equivalent.

Please read further down for regular prices and information on other mediums.

If you want Valentine, St Patrick's or Easter themed commissions now is the time to reserve your slot.

I prefer Paypal or Ko-fi but will accept points and Linden Dollars if required. I can also accept Square payments.

Normal Prices: =Artwork and Posters=
I do, in fact, do artwork. One of my jobs is as an illustrator! I work in a variety of styles, so if there is a particular style you desire I will do my best to emulate it. You may check out some of my artwork on my deviant art, though the style I enjoy most has been made famous by Okami. I charge 3000L (about $12) per hour. I must have at least one hour's payment before I start work, and then would like the rest after I have completed work and sent the product. I will keep track of time on your project using Toggl. Discussing with me your project beforehand allows me to give you an estimate as to how long the piece will take, since more complex or more than once character means additional time. Actual time taken might vary as I have to fit art time in around work and family, so I will do my best to give an estimate as to when I expect I can be done with your art. The timer only runs when I am actively working on your piece. I will be happy to send you the original, if it is done in traditional media and/or scans via download link, SL texture, and a complimentary SL poster object. As for digital art I will send you a link to download the file, SL texture, and complimentary SL poster version. In all cases I will also be happy to send WIPs. I work in various mediums which may change depending on the project discussed.

Most projects at normal size will range between 1 to 2 hour blocks. Some may be quicker.

Pencil Sketch: $5-8 per hour estimate (unless special price applicable): 
Inked Sketch: $10 per hour estimate: 

Color Pencil: $12 per hour estimate 
Ink Crosshatching: $15 per hour estimate 
Fountain Pen, Brush Pen, and Ink Washes: $20 per hour estimate 

If you also decide to allow me to sell the finished product as poster art in my stores then I will also give a 25% to 50% price break (bigger hours in the project, bigger break). I also reserve the right to post your commission on my deviantart gallery as an example of my work.

=Cutie Mark Info (SL & RL)=
Stock cutie mark personalizations:
If you would like any of my stock cutie marks personalized specifically for your character please drop me a note. 15L base price for adding personalizations (10L upload fee, 5L for time). This may climb based on complexity. For use outside of Second Life let's call it $1US.

Cutiemark commissions
I am also open to cutie mark commissions. The complexity of the cutie mark will determine the commission price. Very simple work starts at 20L (10L upload fee, 10L time). Outside of Second Life let's call it $1US. The more complex then the higher the fee. Hourly rate for anything above "quick and simple" is 2000L. If you will allow me to use elements of your cutiemark or sell it as is as a stock cutie mark then I will give a pricebreak of 50% on the time fee.

=Tarot Reading=
Tarot readings are $15. I use a five element spread. Your reading will arrive in a .doc to your email of choice or pasted into the notes conversation typed up with the position, card, description, interpretation, overall spread interpretation, and any applicable neurological commentary. Payment is required before I begin. You will not need to be online while I spread the cards and type the results out. You can choose to have me look at a specific question/circumstance or have a general reading.

Right now I can accept short works for narration. I will not be accepting any novels at this time as I am currently still working on and processing a triple-length novel.

Novel length works when I am open for them I will narrate for between $20 and $40 per estimated finished hour, depending on the complexity of the novel. I will work in sections.

I ask between $10 and $20 per finished hour for short works. I will send the files on receipt of payment. Other methods can be arranged, perhaps. These files you will then be free to distribute via your method of choice. I only ask that the work you ask me to record is something you have production rights to. This should not be an issue for authors looking to have their own short works recorded.

I am open to narration of erotic writings, but that may take longer as I will have to record when my minor children are unable to walk in and hear it. Erotic stories will be narrated at double my normal rate.

I am also willing to post readings on my Youtube channel if desired, this could even be worked into an agreement to reduce a price.

=Anthro Kimono, dresses, and other clothing (Second Life)=
My base price for a special order kimono for anthro bodies is 500L (about $2.50US). These will work with classic bodies and will be utilizing clothing layers, prims, sculpts, and sometimes mesh pieces. To ensure the best fit please provide me with the specs of the shape that you wear most. For now I am not comfortable with creating full mesh clothing or clothing for mesh avatars that I do not have (because then how am I going to know if it fits right?). There is a 25% price break if you allow me to additionally sell the finished product in my shops.

= Pony clothes (Second Life)=
This will vary. Some items are still beyond my capability, but I am willing to consider working on your designs. As such then pony specific clothing will be on case by case basis. Price breaks might be available depending on whether you will let me sell the product through the shops.

=Jewelry (SL & RL)=
Custom jewelry will be on a case by case basis. Thus prices will vary.

=Texture Mod Pack Commissions (Kirins and Beyond) (Second Life)=
Commissioning a special kirin or other texture mod pack is 500L. If your design is highly detailed and must go beyond my current bases then an hourly fee of 2000L will apply, but the first hour of work will be free. A price break of 50% will go into the final calculation if you allow me to place your special design in my stores.

=Short Stories=
Are you wanting a short story written about your character? Need some vignettes maybe? Provide me with your character's biography and some reference photos. 1000L ($5US) for for a 500 word vignette, 2500L ($10US) for a short story. Short story will be considered at around 15,000 words (10 to 15 pages, generally).

=Editing Services=
Need help with writing up a character profile? Writing a story to fuel an rp arc maybe? Just need some typo catching and story development help? Please note that the pricing here is -per pass-. If a story must go back and forth more than once then the below prices will be for each time. I apologize for this, but I have had problems before with things getting changed 15 times before I was able to get through larger documents.

250L for biography assistance
500L ($2.50US) for 500 word editing
1000L ($5US) for short story typo checking
2500L ($10US) for short story full editing.
Longer works will have higher prices.

These can be done via notecard (not my preferred method as it is harder to draw attention to needed/suggested changes), Google Docs, or Dropbox. If using Dropbox my preferred file formats are .odt or .doc.

= Payment=
Depending on the situation I can take payment by $L, Paypal, Deviant Points, or Square. Please tell me which way you prefer. If you prefer Paypal then I will provide my information below. I personally prefer via Paypal, but for the items to be used within Second Life then paying via Linden makes sense. If you need to pay via Square we will need to private message each other.



~Amehana Ishtari (Amehana Reikaz or Amehana Arashi)
RL Teresa Garcia

You can also visit my Patreon. Over time as various goals get taken care of then I may add creating SL content into the mix as I already use SL to create some of the art use in videos.


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