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Vote for this shirt design here: [link]

This is for the "Meme Mashup" derby on Shirt woot! Don't liter, pick that LOLcat off the ground and recycle it into another meme. This shirt includes, Ceiling cat, Monorail cat, and Longcat.

The recycle symbol idea was suggested to me by my good friend Mike Vega! :iconcookingpeach: That was an excellent suggestion. Thanks dude!

To vote:



How does this work? How do I purchase this shirt:

Only the top 3 shirts will get made into shirts. Click on the
[link] and hit the "I want one" button on Shirt Woot.

If there is no vote button to click on:

To vote on the derbies on shirt woot you have to have an account that has bought at least one thing off of any of the woot sites (woot, shirt.woot, or wine.woot).

Maybe something from their top 20 selling shirts: [link]

Once you have bought something you can cast a vote for however many designs you want.

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Recycle your memes to recycle your dreams
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why do i need this shirt in my life
Pure-P0rtals's avatar
the white one is heADING IN FOR A DAAAAB
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I would buy this t-shirt so fast!
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Epic, all three of the most popular web cats XD
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Hahah!! :D This is so awesome
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Recycle ur memes!
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This is awesome... I love it XD
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that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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lol its definatly a go "green" classic
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Another adorable shirt design! >^-^<

What do you do with those designs of yours that don't make it to the printing process? Can you sell them yourself via zazzle or the like? I really loved the caterpillar one...
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Zhe kittehz saiz itz. :meow:
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It's ceiling cat, long cat, and monorail cat!
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if this was on icanhascheezburger I'd order it :(

also meme? these are ichc gimmicks not a [link] so I don't get the title even though yet it resembles the recycling symbol
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LOL, well if the shirt gets enough votes it will be for sale next week.

A meme is much more general idea then that. "In simple terms, an Internet meme is an inside joke, that a large number of Internet users are in on(from wikipedia [link] )." The LOLcat images from icanhascheezburger certainly qualifies as a meme.

Maybe I should have included some other memes but I thought that it all being LOLcats made it more cohesive.

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