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25 Screen tones for printing

EDIT: Hey guys... this is digital screen tone making it a PRINT defeats the whole purpose. Also it would print as a completely useless gray square. AND there's 25 different gray screen tones in this download so how would I make a print of that anyway? Please stop requesting it you're making me sad.

Not to mention as a print it would be useless and more expensive then actual usable screen tone... go and just buy regular tone if you want to get real screen tone. Akadot: [link] Dickblick: [link] END EDIT

Hello everyone, after talking to people about comics and the problem we seem to have with them I decided give away some stuff I use. So, to go with my Inking FAQ [link] I'm going to give out templates and files that help me with making my comics. This will include these print quality screen tones at 600 DPI!!!1 Whee!

Yeah, see I've been thinking it over and while it would take time to explain how I make tones in Photoshop I could give away the printable usable files much easier. So for download you will find a zip file of 25 screen tones in bitmap mode at 600 DPI. Nothing too fancy but they are of the simple dot tone pattern variety that most people think of with 'manga.' Whatever that means. =]

All of the screen tones were made by Michael Vega [link] who has given me permission to give the files away to anyone who wants them because they're not hard to make. Really. I could do them myself but he'd already made them so I just ask for permission instead. However neither of us wants to explain the technique since others have done it better...

So, if you'd like an explanation of how to make screen tones like these or in general how to color or make comics that print correctly using Photoshop, I would strongly suggest purchasing Pat Duke's ';Photoshop For Comics Master Course' CD from Radio Comix. ([link] look under "CDs") The cd is a great resource for information about Photoshop and comics. =D

So anyway on to the tones. Please click on the arrow above and save to disk. The file is a zip file that is 1.1 MB in size.

There's a read me file that gives some info about the tones, tips as to what not to do, and also has info if you wanted to send us a dollar in support (not required.)

As to who the hell we are... well both me and Michael Vega have been working in small press/indy comics for years and years and now we are busy working on a comic/manga for TokyoPop. These tones are the tones that we are currently using for our Tokyopop book and we know that they print with no problems. Edit: We have stopped working as artist for Tokyopop. Be that as it may please enjoy our tones. =>

Mostly we're hoping that this will help people out by giving artists access to nice crisp high dpi screen tones. Although this isn't as high a DPI as I could have gone... I just don't want to file sizes to be too ridiculous.

Feel free to post links to this so that other artists types can find this. =D

Edit: I don't normally ask this but if thes tones are helpful to you could you please favorite this or post a link back here. We wanted to get these tones out to as many artist as possible... sadly I'm not that popular so yeah. This is a humble request please don't feel like you have to. Maybe I'll make a toning tutorial to help spread the word. Anyway thanks to everyone who's commented and I do hope these tones will be helpful. =D

-Diana and Mike

My Comics: [link] - My website: [link] - My LJ: [link]
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dont mind me asking, do you know what type of adhesive paper to print screen tones on? something that wont tear the paper when applying or cutting off?
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Thank you very much for providing these. You have saved me a lot of time scouring google for quality free screen tone :3
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thank you so much <3 
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Thank you very much
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Oops, nevermind! The bossman at the new publisher wants me to use traditional screen tone - the sticky backed kind. I've learned they have a no-digital-enhancements policy, which means no Photoshop. Nada. Mm. Gonna be tough. But doable. Not even bubbles or lettering. Anyway, thanks to you and Vega for putting this up online. Maybe I'll get to play with it on a personal project or whatnot later on. Oh! And, I'm sorry, it wasn't Michael Vega I was thinking about, it was Michael Shelfer. Yeah, he was the guy who's brain I picked for advice all those years back. He worked on the Tokyopop Ghostbusters manga, not Vega. Anyway, thanks again! Hope all is well! Adios!
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Michael Vega! Now there's a name I haven't heard in some time. Sorry that Tokyopop, as far as I have heard anyway, went out of business (which is why I am assuming you no longer work for them). I think I asked Vega for some artistic advice a long while back (the Ghostbusters manga had just released, I think). Anyway, you're my hero, amegoddess. I've been searching the net to figure out how to do screen tones, ever since the new publisher wanted me to drop the color from my first publisher-published comic and go black-and-white with screen tones. Never used them before. Hopefully I'll catch on fast. Anyway, I'll be saving your entire Inking FAQ to my faves and hopefully, as long as you've no problem with me using the screen tones for published work, benefit from both. I consider myself an amateur who still has a lot to learn.
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thanks this should help alot
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Thank you for this! <3
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do you have a screen tone that's good for flashbacks? you know the one with the blurred out (or greyed) sketchlines...… (the last panel)
(sorry about the image source, that's what my GF gave me when I asked her about the tones :D )
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Wouldn't that just be done with scratching?
the only arrow is to download a file converter :(
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thanks! these are amazing!
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wow OvO
thank you!
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Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you SO much for posting this! <333
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Forgive my ignorance, but--
These are huge, and resizing causes moire. How do you apply them at the real print size and get them to look like grey, not a pattern of huge dots? Thank you.
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Thank uuu ! <3
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thank you so much
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Thank you for uploading~!
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