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WIP: Dress Design by AmeftoDrawer WIP: Dress Design :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 3 0 WIP: AFA: RT Case Art by AmeftoDrawer WIP: AFA: RT Case Art :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 2 0
RT CH1 Court Begins with a Green Thumb
RT Chapter 1
Court Begins with a Green Thumb
January 6, 2027 10:20 am
District Court
Defendant's Lobby #3

Apollo sighed as he sat down on the couch in the defendant's lobby "A new year… a new case…" He said to himself as he looked at his court record, "I don't mind getting it… but this… I can't believe Mr. Wright let me take this…"
The door of the lobby opened and a cheerful girl greeted Apollo, "Good morning, Polly!"
Apollo greeted her and tried to smile, "Morning Trucy." Though he got annoyed by his nickname, 'And stop calling me Polly! I'm not a girl!'
He sighed and looked at Trucy. It's been months since the Gramaye case was solved, by him. He often wondered how is it that Trucy isn't crying, let alone be sad about it. He sighed and smiled thinking to himself that maybe she is mature as Phoenix said she was.
"Well, Polly…" Trucy began, "We b
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0
Redeeming the Turnabout Prolog
Redeeming the Turnabout Prologue ~ Redemption
January 1, 2027
Ivy University Auditorium
Charity Fashion Show
Lights flicker and flash as the cameras capture dazzling women in magnificent dresses. The audience, cheered, clapped as each woman wearing a uniquely designed dress came forward, showing off the dresses they wore to the cheering audience and the fabulous light show.
The audience cheered even the ladies had left the catwalk.
"Ladies and Gentlemen!" The Announcer began "Thank you all for coming to celebrate this wonderful and generous event in such an amazing start to our new year!"
The audience clapped in response.
The Announcer proudly continues his speech, "Now… The moment we've all been waiting for! The Ivy University Fashion Department has saved the best for last!"
Then, spot
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0
Adjudication from Ashes Prolog
Adjudication from Ashes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Ace Attorney series... Capcom owns them...

As soon as the trial was over the audience stood up and left.
In the lobby, a man sat on the couch for what it seemed to be taking a breather in the trial. Though, other people from the audience seemed to shudder a bit after the trial.
He sighed and looked at the time.
"Hey there!" Another person interrupted his train of thought, "What did you think of that trial?"
"It was quite… interesting…," He replied.
The person said, "I see… You know what that means right?"
He stood up and started to walk away, "Yes I know…" The other person followed him as he opened the doors and muttered in his breath.
"It's time…"
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0
Ace Attorney Quiz by AmeftoDrawer Ace Attorney Quiz :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 1 12
Original Story: Contract
"Rrrrrinnng… Rrrrrinnng… Rrrrrinnng…" My phone started to ring. I slightly jumped out of surprise as the repetitive ring woke me up from my trance.
I put down the contract I was trying to sign and picked up the receiver. I grabbed the phone and checked the caller ID. 'Out of Area' I thought to myself. 'It might be the ads again.' I pressed the off button. 'Ads these days they can be really annoying.'
"Mr. Baringwood!!!" A girlish voice came screaming on the other line.
I nearly fell off my chair. I thought I turned it off. I must have pressed the speaker phone instead.
"Mr. Baringwood! Come to the hospital quick! It's an emergency!" I recognized that voice anywhere.
"Patricia" I called her name, "Why are you calling me at this time of the night?"
"It's Sally… she…" Patricia muttered that name and started to cry.
It struck me when I heard that name Sally Xene. But I was with her at lunch break "What happened to her? Patricia! Tell me!" I dem
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0
Luke Side Story Ch5 Part2
Chapter 5 Part 2 - The Gentlemen
I took off my hat after Professor took off his.
I still can't believe all this happened, and I'm leaving the Professor soon…
Celes… I mean Claire told us that a gentleman is supposed to stay strong, no matter what. But… will staying strong mean that you won't shed a tear and keep all this feelings packed up?
I suddenly heard a thud, I turned my head to see where it came from, and there I saw the Professor on his knees, hugging his hat, and sobbing.
I didn't know what to do. I've never seen the Professor like this before.  But if someone finds out…
"Professor!" I rushed towards him, "Professor…"
I could see the tears from his eyes; it's obvious that he's incredibly hurt from this. But… what do I do?
"Professor!" I started trying to look into his eyes, "Don't worry Professor!" Don't worry? What am I saying? "Don't worry… I know that doing this in public isn't what a gentleman should do, but… that&
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 5 5
Iron Samurai Characters 6 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 6 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 2 0 Iron Samurai Characters 5 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 5 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0 Iron Samurai Characters 4 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 4 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0 Iron Samurai Characters 3 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 3 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0 Iron Samurai Characters 2 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 2 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 1 0 Iron Samurai Characters 1 by AmeftoDrawer Iron Samurai Characters 1 :iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 0 0
Luke Side Story Ch.5
Chapter 5 - The Last Time Travel
"Because, you see, there is no time machine. Not here, not anywhere." The professor declared.
"I, of course, vehemently opposed this idea." Dimitri told us about his side of the story, when he was unmasked and was exposed of his fake bomb trap, "I loved her too, you see." Dimitri must have loved Claire that much to do all of this, "And though she didn't return my feelings, I didn't want to risk her getting hurt in the experiment" When you love someone truly, he/she will do anything for him/her.
"Because of Bill's greed, Claire was lost to me forever…" Dimitri told us about the moment he tried to stop the experiment from happening. He was right. It was greed that had killed Claire and also had taken away the professor's, Dimitri's, and even Don Paolo's love.
"Life is full of cruel twists"
"Deep down inside, I hoped you might be able to talk be down from the edge of insanity again. This is the second time you've saved my life now… Thank you."
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 3 1
Luke Side Story Ch.4
Chapter 4 – Clive
"And that person is there!" The professor said as he pointed at the real culprit of this whole mystery.
The culprit stood up in surprise.
Every one of us in the restaurant was in shock. We couldn't believe it. It was… It was…
"I think you're mistaken, Professor." My future self. No, wait… If this place wasn't London in the future, then that means, he was someone else dressed up to make us believe that he was Future me. Isn't that right?
"No, there's no mistake here." Professor is starting to explain, "And there's no hiding it anymore, Luke. Or should I call you Clive." Clive?! Who's he?
Future me, or, Clive couldn't believe what Professor had said. So is this all true?
"It took some time to put together the pieces of your plan." It had to be, we all worked hard on solving this mystery, "But when I finally understood it all, the sheer evil of it sent a chill down my spine." Wow that must have been very scary to make professor feel that way. I didn't
:iconameftodrawer:AmeftoDrawer 2 0
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Artist | Student | Literature
I'm a really huge fan of the Kinnikuman and Ultimate Muscle series. I didn't realize that i can draw them too. :D

Well my hometown is Manila, Philippines.

I'm bad at writing essays. But my ambition is to become a writer. (like a novelist)

the characters that I draw are not mine.
the Kinnikuman drawings are from Yudetamago's manga.
I don't own Harvest Moon, Kinnikuman, Reborn ,and the other art stuff that are based on my fave stuff...

Favorite style of art: any
Operating System: any
Favorite cartoon character: A lot



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