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Liu Yan X Zhao Yun by AmeeQueenofAlbion Liu Yan X Zhao Yun :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 1 0 The Spire ((on canvas)) by AmeeQueenofAlbion The Spire ((on canvas)) :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 4 9 Sima Shi - A day in peace by AmeeQueenofAlbion Sima Shi - A day in peace :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 3 0 Painted anime eye by AmeeQueenofAlbion Painted anime eye :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 2 0 Zhao Yun DW6 by AmeeQueenofAlbion Zhao Yun DW6 :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 4 0 Evie Frye Drawn Attempt by AmeeQueenofAlbion Evie Frye Drawn Attempt :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 3 5 Ciel Phantomhive Chibi Egg #2 by AmeeQueenofAlbion Ciel Phantomhive Chibi Egg #2 :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 2 7 Sebastian Michaelis Chibi Egg #1 by AmeeQueenofAlbion Sebastian Michaelis Chibi Egg #1 :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 6 7 Anime eyes female and male by AmeeQueenofAlbion Anime eyes female and male :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 9 2 Barry Hatch - Anime Version by AmeeQueenofAlbion Barry Hatch - Anime Version :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 1 5 'Blue hairs, and the pony stares' by AmeeQueenofAlbion 'Blue hairs, and the pony stares' :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 1 0 'Stop smirking, you!' by AmeeQueenofAlbion 'Stop smirking, you!' :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 3 4 Weird Sparrow drawing by AmeeQueenofAlbion Weird Sparrow drawing :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 0 6 Just Chillin' by AmeeQueenofAlbion Just Chillin' :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 0 4 Lionhead Studios symbol by AmeeQueenofAlbion Lionhead Studios symbol :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 3 4 Reaver Fable 2 - Anime Version by AmeeQueenofAlbion Reaver Fable 2 - Anime Version :iconameequeenofalbion:AmeeQueenofAlbion 3 25


Mary by AoiOgataArtist Mary :iconaoiogataartist:AoiOgataArtist 689 11
admiration | zhong hui
There was a crowd gathering in front of the bulletin board, students looking for their names in the rankings for the latest exams. One student, particularly, was quickly pushing through the crowd. A proud smirk was plastered on his face once he made his way to the very front, but one look at the rankings and his smirk was replaced with a scowl.
1. (L/N) (Y/N) - 500/500
2. Zhong Hui - 499/500
He didn't care for whoever placed 3rd and below. Zhong Hui was only focused on the top 2 spots, and much to his dismay, his name was placed beside the number 2.
To make matters worse, he was only behind the top scorer by one point.
His irritation grew when someone bumped into him. It grew even more once he saw that it was (Y/N) herself.
(Y/N)'s eyes widened as for a second they made eye contact. She quickly averted her eyes, looking at anywhere but the brunet. "S-sorry." She muttered, giving a small bow before stepping away from him and looking at the list.
Zhong H
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 6 0
insecurities | zhang liao
"Strength is the ability to make that which you believe in a reality."
That was the fearsome Zhang Liao's reply to Cao Cao's question. You were there to witness it: the conviction in his eyes when he answered.
It made your heart beat faster-- not in that kind of way, though. You felt intimidated.
'Scary..' You gulped, adjusting your scarf. It felt colder; Cao Cao silently stared at the two warriors. To any other he was debating within himself on who he would choose, but to you it was apparent that he had already chosen one to live and one to die.
Sure enough, it was Lu Bu who was executed. You nervously twiddled with your thumbs, standing next to Zhang Liao to keep watch on him. The order from your lord was sudden, but you had no choice but to obey even if you were scared to death by the very man you were assigned to watch.
Everyday you would eat and train with him (much to your chagrin). You tried very hard to keep your composure around him, but sometimes you break down a little.
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 5 0
waiting | gan ning
"Don't go." You pleaded, hugging your lover's arm tightly.
Gan Ning chuckled and tousled your hair. "I'm not the type to go down so easily, babe. I'll come back soon." He said, kissing your forehead.
The feeling of dread won't go away, even as he tried to reassure you. You shook your head. "Xingba..." You frowned.
He flinched. You only used that name when you were serious.
"Look, I promise to come back to you. Hey, I'll even bring back a souvenir or something." Gan Ning smiled. "So wait for me here, alright?"
You had no other choice but to nod, hugging him tightly.
How you wished that you never let go.
You stood near the gates, waiting for his return.
You turned around to see Ling Tong worriedly looking at you. "Good morning." You smiled as you greeted him.
"Get inside. You'll get sick if you keep on waiting for too long." He warned, trying to hold your hand and lead you away but you refused to move.
"But what if he comes back and I'm not here?" You argued.
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 4 0
what's 'whipped'? | gan ning
"(F-F/N), stop crying! O-oi..." Gan Ning tried to calm you down, he really did, but..
"I-I didn't-- I didn't mean-- to do i-it!" You sobbed, holding your staff tightly.
An unlucky soldier decided it was the perfect time to attack you from behind. He charged with a cry.
Gan Ning turned around to face that soldier, "Oi, what the hell do you think you're-"
You turned around as well with a scream, accidentally knocking out the soldier with your staff. Luckily, Gan Ning was able to duck in time.
This only served to make you cry more. "W-w-why was I even put in this battle!?" You wailed, the surrounding enemy soldiers looking at you two in confusion.
"Agh, come here!" Gan Ning frowned as he carried you in his arms. Your hand holding the staff was behind his head, acting as some kind extension weapon or something.
The enemies coming in from the side were knocked away by the staff, as well as those coming in from the front and back.
When you two finally made it back to the main camp, Gan Ning
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 5 0
1. meeting in a bar | guo jia
"'cAn'T yOu Do AnYtHiNg RiGhT!?'" You mocked your boss' voice, tightly gripping your bag until your fingers turned white. It was another horrible day, not just at work. Your whole day was shitty.
Hey, at least it gave you an excuse to drink your worries away. It's been a while since you last drank alcohol, and boy was it a wild night.
You slammed the bar's door open and quickly sat on the nearest seat on the counter. "I'll have the strongest beer you have." You said, putting your bag on top of the counter.
The bartender working right now is pretty cute. He's got that mischievous look in his eyes, not to mention soft-looking blond hair. "Are you sure, miss? The drink packs a bit of a punch.." He smiled at you.
You nodded and he immediately went to get it. "What a time to get a stiff neck." You groaned, rubbing the back of your neck in hopes of soothing the pain.
A medium sized glass filled with alcohol was placed in front of you and you glared at the bartender for serving you such a 'sm
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 4 0
finally | zhang bao
high school au
You nervously checked your phone while standing in front of the amusement park you and your friends decided to go to.
'Where are they? We agreed to meet at 12:45.' You gulped. Maybe it was all a joke? Your heart pounded as you looked around you. No Guan siblings, no Zhang siblings, no Liu Shan, and no Bao Sanniang in sight.
A hand was placed on your shoulder and you flinched in surprise, turning to face whoever was behind you.
"Hey (Y/N)! Sorry we're a bit late.." You were greeted by Zhang Bao's cheerful smile.
You sighed in relief and smiled back at him. "For a second there, I thought you all pranked me.."
"We could never do something like that to you, (Y/N)!" Guan Yinping perked up from behind Zhang Bao.
"Yeah, I know.. Sorry for doubting you guys." You beamed at your friends, "Now let's go!"
Guan Yinping and her eldest brother were walking together in the front. You, Guan Xing, and Zhang Bao were walking together in the middle. Xingcai and Liu Shan were wal
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 6 0
someimes uninvited is good | jia xu
Once again, it was a victory for the Wei forces. A banquet was held in celebration, the officers happily chatting with each other and drinking to their heart's content. You were of no exception, taking a sip of wine while enjoying the festive atmosphere.
You eyed your surroundings carefully, looking for a certain person. Usually, he would be with Guo Jia, but he was nowhere to be found. This was bad news... since he had a knack for--
"Hey there."
You yelped, jumping a bit on your seat. You glared at the person who surprised you, who was none other than Jia Xu.
Jia Xu laughed before giving you a sly smirk, "Looking for someone?"
"No one in particular." You lied, quickly downing your drink before going to pour yourself another one.
"No, no-- let me." Jia Xu took the flask in his hand and poured the wine into your cup. You frowned and looked at the strategist with suspicion. He took his seat in front of you, uninvited.
"What are you doing?" You asked.
"I'm simply enjoying the banquet. Loo
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 5 0
1. protective | zhong hui jiang wei
i love this highschool au so much???
also this is more zhong hui than jiang wei but whatever
Once again, Jin Academy and Shu High were at odds in terms of their students' grades. There has always been competition between the four schools (Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin), but this year the competition was most heated between Jin and Shu. Jin was currently in the lead, but Shu was steadily catching up.
Now, two young first years topped the ranks in the last semester. One from Jin and one from Shu. These two were none other than Zhong Hui and Jiang Wei.
You could call them "friends" in a sense.. Zhong Hui once approached Jiang Wei in an effort to secure his place on the top spot. The self-proclaimed chosen one didn't care for the standing of his school; he just wanted to let everyone see that he was number one-- going so far as to offer to help the Shu students rank higher. He wanted to be distinguished from the other students by being the only Jin student in the rankings.
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 3 0
fire | lu xun
Lu Xun was a young man known for his strategy, including fire attacks..
So why is it now that he's hesitating to do one?
He couldn't give out the orders. A sad voice resounded in his mind.
"...Please, don't."
It came from the woman he loved. He knew it was an impossible request, as he needed to do these things for the sake of Wu's future. Lu Xun wanted to put his duty before his personal life. He was on the battlefield; there was no time for these matters.
In his hesitation, it was Zhu Ran who gave out the orders. The specialized soldiers quickly hurried to their destination. Zhu Ran put a hand on the distracted Lu Xun's soldier, "What are you doing!?" He glared at the brunet, "It isn't like you to space out. Maybe you should just leave it to me for this battle."
Lu Xun shook his head, "No... I.. I need to do this." He replied, shaking off Zhu Ran's hand.
The young man forced all thoughts of his beloved to the back of his mind before getting his head back into the battle. Thoughts of h
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 4 0
hide | jia chong
You grit your teeth as you heard familiar footsteps coming down the hallway.
Whose stupid idea was it to make a bet with Sima Zhao? Your idea.
Whose stupid idea was it to bet that no one will be able to find you? Your idea.
Whose stupid idea was it to make Jia Chong the one seeking you? It's actually Zhao's idea, but you agreed anyway.
Now you're here, hiding behind a pillar and praying to your ancestors that you won't be found.
You tried your best to stay calm, but your body was having none of it. The consequence of losing the bet wasn't that bad: doing all of Zhao's work for a day. It was mostly just checking up on officers, paperwork, and the usual stuff the nobility do. You weren't afraid of some work, but the menacing footsteps coming closer and closer to you struck fear into your whole body. There was just something scary about them.
You held your breath when the footsteps stopped. A bead of sweat trickled down your neck. 'Is he finally gone?' Was your initial thought. Mustering
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 5 0
[DW] Dance of The Fiery Tides by Kiringale [DW] Dance of The Fiery Tides :iconkiringale:Kiringale 8 2 WO Dream Team by FrozenKeys671 WO Dream Team :iconfrozenkeys671:FrozenKeys671 12 0 cao yingna by crxsszeria cao yingna :iconcrxsszeria:crxsszeria 53 10 ay yuanji in a dress tho by crxsszeria ay yuanji in a dress tho :iconcrxsszeria:crxsszeria 25 5 dailai dongzhu by crxsszeria dailai dongzhu :iconcrxsszeria:crxsszeria 34 27



AmeeQueenofAlbion's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Loves anime, draws art and writes fanfiction!


Liu Yan X Zhao Yun
A little drawing for Oohkahmee on instagram

Liu Yan © Oohkahmee

Zhao Yun 
© Koei Tecmo
The Spire ((on canvas))
I'M STILL INTO FABLE OKAY???!! But I'm more into anime (and dynasty warriors<3) I've gotten wayyyy better since I first joined, guess all that hard work payed off but i'm still practicing manga!!
Sima Shi - A day in peace
I am so frickin' excited for the new Dynasty Warriors 9, and I wanted to celebrate with this new piece here. He is so beautiful, I love him so sooooooo much. Truly. We ate meat buns together! And drank green tea lol!



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