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The Last Iron Hand

My illustration for Fantasy Flight games
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capture the flag )))
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"The late fines on overdue books are high. So high many Astartes died to return it... and it was still ten minutes late. Our Chapter is in serious debt for the next 2000 years!"
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Dammit Sarthaniel!, i told you to bring it back last century to renew the due date, but NOOOOOO you just had to go to the forge world that day!
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Even in the face of oblivion, an Iron Hand will be bitter until the end.
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I would feel sorry for these guys...

If I hadn't already read Wrath of Iron.
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Ahh, the Iron hands. The whiniest loyalist chapter 'Blame everyone else except yourselves' is there motto, and constantly let Imperial worlds fall 'Because they are weak' is their excuse but I think the real reason is that they honestly can't really do shit and leave the heavy lifting to REAL space marines like the Imperial Fists, Salamanders or Black Templar's. I can't recall a single time when these guys have been of any actual use to the Imerpium. If their not team killing guardsman there either whining about how it's everyone else fault that Ferus is dead even though the damn idiot went crazy and tried to solo three full strength legions with their own respective primarchs. And the whole 'The Flesh Is Weak' thing? Yeah, go say that to the Fucking Tyranid Swarmlord and watch as it laughs as it then uses your metal ass as a condom as it smash fucks your oh-so precious dreadnaughts.

Seriously, fuck the Iron hands, their only second to the Dark Angles in terms of utter faggotry and team-killing. 
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This is why Chaos is superior.
They don't get this shit.
They don't have one shitty legion which basically fights the other legions.
They have several non-shitty legions which basically fight the other legions.
But the thing is they can still team together and not have a pissy-fit over requiring help from a different Chaos God.... ...
Oh wait... Kharn.
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The Iron Hands are basically the least-represented in fluff, even less than Raven Guard (Raven Guard has Shrike, and Corax did the whole Raptor mutation thing during the Heresy, Iron Hands... did what exactly?). And yeah, what I've seen is like "the rest of the Imperium except Mechanicus is weak." 7th Edition seems like the "time to do more with the Raven Guard" edition (it doesn't really make sense for RG to be at the Third Sphere Expansion, but there they are), so maybe 8th will give Iron Hands some good heroes and victories.
I admit, the Iron Hands aren't known for charity *cough cough Battle of Columnus cough cough* but if you read the Clan Raukaan codex supplement, they do move away from that concept ever since Kardan Stronos came along. And also, the Gorgon's Fury (a Predator battle tank) took down a 30 ft tall bio Titan. I rest my case.
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Not all team killing chapters are useless. Take the Flesh Tearers for instance.

They might slaugter as many guardsmen as they can after a hard fought battle, but what other chapter can make an army of Orks run away just by showing up?
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The Blood Ravens, commanded by Chapter Master Indrick Boreale.
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Blood Angels on a bad day.
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"Must defend the relic..."
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Aren't they a traitor legion?
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Borderline traitor. Your more likely to receive help from Orks then these assholes.
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I was thinking of the Iron Warriors. But your right. These are not a friendly chapter to say the least. 
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Pre-heresy not so much.
And even the Luna Wolves had some steadfast Loyalists.
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They are loyalists, you're thinking of the Iron Warriors.
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Oh, wait, right, aaargh...  *facepalmme*
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awesome stuff man
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"And that's what you get for spoiling the last Harry Potter book for me, jerks. I'm going home."
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