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Panoply of Honour

My illustration for Fantasy Flight games
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"We are almost finished. You did remember to poop first, right?"

"Yes. Yes, I did."

That wouldn't even be an issue cause power armor has a waste recovery system so they don't need to take the armor off

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That's a amazing artwork, really I love it.
When you are good you are Good!
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Sad thing is, after they get everything on him he has to use the bathroom.
TransformAndConquer's avatar
Quick, roll an armour save to take a poop!
zachlky's avatar
"Ah shit sorry guys that burrito is not holding up good" "AGH dammit phill again?! "
IlluminatiScribe's avatar
*pacific rim theme playing*
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that helmet lol; CARFULL... CAAARFUL...
binarimon's avatar
Reminds me of the Metabarons
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Three hints: black coat with silver trim, shoulder with loads of writing and inquisition symbol, ocular scope enhancements on helmet.
So yeah... Death Watch...
Turbo001's avatar
Heavy duty Shit!
P7RN's avatar
i can almost hear them singing Rite of Omnissiah. :) brilliant work!
Nullcast's avatar
Lots of tech priests... so Reclaimers?
toht981's avatar
A very well thought out look into Astartes life.
Agorableed's avatar
Aww. I want to draw like you. Your Death Watch is awesome, it's cooler than most of all I ever saw.
Possum-Man's avatar
Awesome stuff :D
Pvt-Hazard's avatar
looks amazing! is that a deathwatch marine?
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