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Into the breach

By ameeeeba
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My illustration for Fantasy Flight games
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Once more into the breach, dear friends

Once more

And let's close the hole with our Iron Fist dead.

A little HENRY V reference. This is well done, sir. Nice

drawing and beautiful detail. Bravo.

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"Bloody 'Ell! Some damned demon killed the boombox! It was getting to the best song!"
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I love this one
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purge the unclean!
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Is this S and T join force together aganist Iron Hands?
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The pink ones are a horror squad, which is a Tzeentch daemon.
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The flesh is weak!
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these marines have too many weak fleshy limbs and not enough strong, hard, sexy robotic ones
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Feh. Iron Hands.
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For Ferrus! Flesh is weak! Wonderful work!
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It lack dying marines. Dying marines bring the feeling that they fight some dangerous foes, not just useless mooks. Too bad GW ceace to draw deaths from BOTH sides since second edition.
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Except for Guardsmen. They love to kill Guardsmen.
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Well i spotted  three Iron Hands in the back that are clearly out of the fight
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I believe the Sergeant in the background is black. Dat side grip.
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die weak daemons die!!!!
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Iron Hands destroying Horrors of Tzeentch?
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stunning, amazing and simply great job.
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''Once more unto the breach, dear fiends.'' Shakespeare, Henry V
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tzeentchian daemon breakout right? I see pink horrors, flamer and a disk of tzeentch
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Those demons don't stand a chance!
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Win for a fire fight
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It might be a small detail but I think my favourite part of this picture is the Iron Hand at the top aiming down his sights, so little SM artwork shows that: nice job!
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