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January 12, 2016
Bruce Lee Jedi by ameeeeba is a beautiful painting that leaves us to wonder just how awesome this crossover would be.  From the suggester: "A brilliant concept that makes you want to watch in action such a possible crossover!"
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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Bruce Lee Jedi

My Star wars fan art, hope you like it. :)
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temus's avatar

siths: surrend now, you're outnumbered.

bruce: "ye, outnumbered of fear"

DanielGauna's avatar

those sith don't stand a chance

emayuku's avatar

How did Bruce Lee die?

bbenjoe's avatar

Bruce Lee was taking medication for his back, to keep his muscles loose (earlier he had a serious back injury while training with Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Los Angeles). After wrapping up Enter the Dragon, Bruce returned to Hong Kong, to resume his work on Game of Death. One day he visited an actress (forgot her name) to persuade her to join his movie project. While visiting, he started to have a severe headache. So she gave him some antibiotics. Bruce took them and went to sleep in the other room, but he never woke up.

Apperently the two kinds of medication reacted to each other, and made his brain swell up, resulting in aneurysm.

spoo101's avatar

He died young at age 32,the cause of death was Cerebral edema (excess accumulation of fluid in the brain)

CacoetheSIC's avatar

Hey, I would really like to usr this pic to order a tshirt for myself, how may I?

spoo101's avatar

He may be gone,but his fighting still lives,R.I.P Lee jun-Fan AKA Bruce Lee.

It wouldn't be no competition with him in the battle
Tumbleash's avatar

Remove your lightsabers.

I wanna lick dooz sweaty mah-scles.

Zoritluus's avatar

The Jedi won't fight back

But I Will

T-scape's avatar

Hell yeah! Bruce Lee as a Jedi Knight, Emperor Palatine would have never been able to execute order 66!

loenror's avatar
Man, Bruce Lee would balance the Force in one kick!
CMVreud's avatar
The only one I don't doubt with these.
Rand-Tor's avatar

I'd pay to see this!

Great Work!

TinySoilder681's avatar
Greenant34's avatar
Well those siths are dead 
bbenjoe's avatar
Poor sith fellows have no idea what they're in for.
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
nunchuck lightsabers? i really doubt that's wise
PrinceOfPomp's avatar

Considering there are variants of the activation switch that need the force to activate, with the proper amount of telekinetic skill they would be perfectly viable, as you could toggle the blades on and off at will, as well as control the trajectory.

V1EWT1FUL's avatar
i guess that makes sense
PrinceOfPomp's avatar

Also, tutaminis, or energy absorption, is a canonical Force power as well...

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