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Watch Parts Spider No 100
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Published: March 7, 2019

Watch Parts Spider No 100
created March 7, 2019

Spider No 100 was made with recycled watch parts and recycled speaker wire.

In order to create the legs, twenty-four watch spring bars and sixteen watch winding stems are cut in different sizes to simulate the organic appearance of real spiders’ legs, which vary in size and shape between species. Each of these segments is carefully arranged into a leg and
soldered at the joints with lead free, silver bearing solder.

To make the body of the spider, nine spring bars have been cut and soldered together.  To this assembly are added a few different watch plates and balance wheel assemblies for structure and embellishment.  The abdomen was made by wrapping speaker wire around a couple assemblies
made from watch train gears and balance wheels.

After the body is made, the leg assemblies are carefully arranged and attached by soldering. The legs and body are then manipulated in order to make the spider stand properly. All joints are then resoldered for added stiffness.

Spider No 100 measures 57mm wide by 50mm front to back by 21mm tall.

All creations made by A Mechanical Mind are one of a kind, never to be reproduced exactly. All parts are soldered, never glued. Each sculpture comes with a 3” wide by 4” tall glass display dome with wooden base. Sculptures are not toys and should be handled sparingly, as their
parts are tiny and delicate.


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Oh I love the spooling idea.
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Gregery27183Professional Photographer
These sculptures are really neat!!! .. Myself, being half obsessed with spiders and arachnids in general, I just have one critique. I think, each sculpture needs to have various Leg lengths.

In nature, very few spiders (and arachnids) have all 8 legs being the same length/ shape or structure... and are this way for various purposes.

If you include this as a feature in the sculptures, I feel like it would make it appear more natural, less rigid, and would create a more dynamic stance I think. 

Some species have Very long Fore legs (1 & 2, especially the first pair / legs 1) having shorter hind legs, especially the last pair, legs 4.
Most spiders however, have very short mid legs, Leg pairs, 2 & 3... this is very evident in Black Widow spiders, and the massive Nephila clavipes (I forgot the english name)

Jumping spiders (what this kinda looks like to me) maybe kinda tend to have more even leg lengths. But sometimes, (like in Habronatus) the Third legs are by far longest, followed by the first pair, while second pair are shortest. While Most jumping spiders actually have legs 1, especially in males being both the longest and largest.

Scorpions, tend to have the opposite, smaller front legs and longer rear legs (this allows them to reach further forward with the stinger)
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VictorArminiusProfessional Writer
This is freaky, but in a good way.  When the aliens invade, they will spare our civilization when we show them things like this.  This is evidence that our species shows promise...
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I will call him "Ahhhhhh! Squish it! Kill it! Kill iiiiitttt!"
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AMechanicalMindProfessional Artisan Crafter
Hahaa!  Howbout, "Burn it with fire!"
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That would be his nick name.
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
I like that this one has spider 🕷 web thread spinner on him. That’s cool :)
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AMechanicalMindProfessional Artisan Crafter
Thank you very much!
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
Ur welcome:)
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Copper Webbing would be excellent if it also had a taser.
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