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Completed July 11, 2014

Monolith is a one of a kind creature made completely of recycled watch parts

His body is made from many different brass gears and watch plates that have been soldered together into a sort of ribcage. His spiky spine was produced from several watch winding stems. Shoulder blades made from cut, shaped and sanded watch dials protect his back. Monolith's arms and legs are made from a variety of soldered watch stems, gears, plates, strap springs, and embellished with cut watch dials. His head and jaw are composed of cut and shaped watch faces, with eyes of strap springs and ears of watch plates and gears. His head is able to swivel quizzically. He is reaching out to touch an old vacuum tube (similar to the apes of 2001, A Space Odyssey)...artistic interpretation not included.

He is soldered together using silver bearing, lead free solder. Monolith and his vacuum tube are set with epoxy onto a walnut base.

He comes with a 3" by 4" glass dome with walnut base for display. He is extremely fragile and should be handled sparingly and very gently, and is most definitely not a toy.

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Wow.  A truly inspired work!!  :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Amazing work! :)
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REALLY cool.  Sort of sets up a culture with a single image/sculpture.  He's discovering his origins.
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Absolutely amazing. I love his expression. Keep up the great work!
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i thought, what an incredible idea for a coffee mug! It's about to have a latte :)
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damn. now this is a useful art talent to have! go recylers! 
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That's awesome!!!!😄
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Alright, that's fantastic!
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it's pretty cool when you take something ordinary (like a watch XD)
take it apart and make something completely different. 
This is amazing! :D (Big Grin) 
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Very cool. I love recycled art.
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Thank you for commenting!
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Great work! I love tubes, THE best for my guitar sound :)
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Agreed.  I wish there were more in the world still.
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You are welcome^^
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That tube looks like a double triode 
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Could be...I'd have no idea honestly.
This is amazing :o
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Thank you very much!
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