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All Oddworld Art Deco Posters

By ameba2k
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This is a collection of all 4 of my Oddworld Posters in this series. I really enjoyed making these! And hope to get chance to work on some more Oddworld related work soon!

See them all separately here:

Abe's Oddysee: [link]

Abe's Exoddus: [link]

Munch's Oddysee: [link]

Stranger's Wrath: [link]

Comments and constructive criticism as always are welcome, along with suggestions of what game or film series I should have a go at next!

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This was my childhood ;.;
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OddWorld997Hobbyist General Artist
OMFG I want the first two!!! Want.... 
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These are really really nice! I just finished making my own after playing new 'n' tasty. Check them out!
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Marvelous doesn't come close to doing it justice, breathtakingly incredibly posters.
*picks dropped jaw off floor*
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Mati9319Hobbyist Writer
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Good job on these! Very cool. What a great series... always waiting for new games of the franchise...
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I have Stranger's Wrath HD.
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I also have Strangers Wrath HD :D
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Fatality-checkStudent Digital Artist
These are really nice man
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Hey thanks :D Appreciate it :)
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I love all of these posters! So fitting to the games. I still think the abe games are the best. never got the chance to play Munch's odysee and I didn't like strangers wrath, it just wasn't oddworld to me.
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Thanks for the comment!
I think each of the games brought something new to Oddworld, Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus really set the tone for the the Oddworld Universe and it made everyone excited to see more. Time and budget got in the way of a few aspects of Munch and Stranger unfortunately. But I still really enjoyed them :)
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saffronpantherHobbyist General Artist
The design is set out rather well and is quite befitting of the series. I personally have never played them myself but they do look intriguing if not for their designs and characters. Good work on this one, especially the color diversity of the posters.
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Thank you :) I started out with the first game's poster, then worked on keeping the style throughout them all.
The games are absolutely brilliant. If you ever get chance you should give them a go. Classic and simple computer gaming, and very inspirational too, hence the posters lol.
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saffronpantherHobbyist General Artist
I've thought about trying them but the gaming style is one I'm not too good at.

You're welcome. Art deco is amazing.
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Wow, have you ever thought about doing any BioShock deco artwork?
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I thought about doing some Bioshock work, but I might not choose a solely Art Deco style, as this was the main design aesthetic of Bioshock itself. I enjoy putting brands and franchises into a different graphic look to what they are used to. It usually produces some nice results :) I will probably do some Bioshock work in the future, just have to think of something original to work with I think :D
Thanks for the comment :)
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DreamTheorem Digital Artist
Great work on all of these ^^ I really like how you made the first two quite similar to go with the idea of Exoddus being the bonus game of Oddysee. In a similar way I like how you made the poster for Stranger different from the others to match the fact that the game itself was quite different.

And, after reading the descriptions of all posters, I love how you captured the games' deeper meanings in your art through the various symbolism you used :heart:
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Thank's mate! I think its important for artwork, especially poster design, to have a lot more meaning than just the characters. If you can reflect the feelings of your source material it resonates with people a lot more. So thanks for taking an interest in it all :D
Out of them all I think Exoddus works the best, in mirroring the first one, and its got a lot more optimism than the others I feel :)
Thanks for the comment! and really happy you like it!
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LileyxStudent Digital Artist
they are sooo awesome! O__o°
I love the exodus poster most! (sure, Exodus is my favorite game of them! ^-^" )
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Thanks! :D
Im really happy that you and other people like these posters, wasn't initially convinced with the design at first, but they seemed to turn out okay in the end :)
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LileyxStudent Digital Artist
Welcome! ^-^
hey, what means 'okay'? It's just wonderful! :D
So well done... I want to hang it on my wall... >3
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Wellll..... I have a competition on Monday on my Twitter to win some! :D if you have twitter im @ameba2k :)
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LileyxStudent Digital Artist
uh, sorry I have no twitter...
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