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Amas Iso

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Published: April 26, 2016
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Name: Amas Iso

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Kitsune

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class (Archetype): Unchained Rogue

    Amas Iso was born to Kūda Iso, his human father, and Hana Iso, his Kitsune Mother, both of whom were travelling merchants. Amas as a young boy was always full of excitement and wonder. He would always introduce himself to anyone that would be willing to talk to him, and would always try to learn new things from all sorts of people, whether it be a trade, skill, or knowledge about the world around him. As Amas grew in years, he became able to take in knowledge from different people that he had met travelling with his parents.

    An old half-orc blacksmith by the name of Berzus from an old village shop in the backcountry and taught Amas how to tinker with certain locks and mechanical traps.While his family were temporarily living in a bustling city, he learned certain sneaking techniques from an Ex-Military Scout in a local pub by the name of Yu’nril the Left Eye. He even shot his first gun at a very prestigious nobleman's house on one of the most important business trip of his father's career. No one was hurt, but a very expensive statue of the nobleman's wife no longer had head intact. While the wife stood their in horror of the pure marble statue that's head was blown to pieces, the nobleman seemed very humored, and gave a quiet chuckle only Amas and his mother could hear.

    Amas decided to leave his parents care to take the world on his own when he got of age. Of course his mother and father were deeply saddened to hear this, knowing that they could not be able to protect their once little boy, now a passionate and charming young man. Fortunately, they opened up a small antique shop in the same town that his parents met, after his grandfather on his mother's side had passed, so he could visit them whenever he felt the need to.

    As he journeyed on, he joined a traveling circus to take care of the circus animals performing. The pay was decent, but not enough to afford to sleep at an inn on a regular basis. Therefore, he often slept in one of the animal cages with Bones, possibly the most tame and passive circus animal out of the rest of the animals Amas had to take care of. There, Amas would talk for hours and hours to Bones, and Bones would respond with a gentle nudge or mild grunt.

    After 8 months had gone by  he began to take an interest in acrobatics. He would practice for hours after a show. He eventually convinced the Ring Leader to put on a Gunslinging Acrobatics act. The first night, the crowds roared with excitement as Amas performed flips and spins in the air while hitting his targets with more precision than accuracy. Regardless, it was a success, and this paved the way for his acrobat career to take off. Even though his salary had improved enough to afford decent lodgings, he still choose to bunk with Bones who, by then, had started to lose his liveliness with his growing age. But, he still appreciated the additional food that Amas had purchased to share between the two of them.  

    However, after a year, he began to miss home. He hadn't heard from, nor written to his parents in months and began to develop guilty feelings. It got to a point where he had to quit the circus and do something that wouldn't require him to travel such great distances from his parents. He wanted to take Bones with him, but the price to release him was a very hefty. So hefty that he could not pay him with all the money he had saved from his circus wages. So, he painfully said goodbye to Bones who didn't completely understand the situation, but could get the feeling that something wasn't right with his night-den friend. But, Amas promised he would visit him whenever the circus was around in his area, and he would find a way to make enough money to get him out. All he had to do was have faith in his Den buddy, Amas.

    After going to live in the town where his parents had their shop for a few months, he he then began his profession as a courier, sending messages, delivering packages, and supplying shops with goods. Eventually, he began taking jobs out of the town his parents lived at and went town to town taking courier jobs that would take him to the next. He loved every moment of his job, and was then reminded of the experiences he had recently, and as a child. He realized that he had found something worthwhile to do with his life. Sure it wasn't captivating audiences, or creating a legend for himself. His pay wasn't that much higher than when he started working at the circus! But, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, making new friends was more important to him. He realized that was all he needed in the world. No material possessions, nor fame could replace the relationships and knowledge he gained in his young, but still thriving life.

Signature Weapons/Items:
A nobleman's flintlock pistol named "Lady Bolla's Head"
A Swordbreaker Dagger with a hand carved handle.  

Signature Powers/Abilities:
The ability to transform from a human to an anthropomorphic fox.
Extremely skilled in the use of small firearms and light melee weapons.
Very acrobatic and stealthy.
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