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Sex and Sexuality - Version 7


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Sex and Sexuality - Version 7


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Saim Sketch - Holiday Art!

Commissioned Work and Gifts

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Tales of Taelen - DU

Ddraig was glad she wasn’t the rare sort of dragon who was gifted with a head full of hair. After all she’d been through in the past few weeks, Ddraig was sure said blessing would have been well and truly revoked by now. It felt like an eternity had passed as she'd waited in the hospital by the incubator, watching practically every move her frail hatchling inside had made, and doing everything she could to ensure that little Taelen wasn't in pain or in any danger. Every now and then he had let out a whimper or a squeal, or curled up on himself in the corner of the plastic as he tried to get as close to her as possible, and each time it had been a fresh stab to her heart. She had had to remind herself, constantly, that Taelen was in the best possible place. Of that she was sure. Avalaria’s hospital was the best in the Empire, and had access to some of the best medicine and medical technology the 22nd century could offer…and yet it all felt so sterile. It was supposed to be, but, despite

Dragons Unite

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Discworld Map Template Thing

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The Tree (Part 2) - Dragons Unite

After what had felt like hours of travel, Ddraig and her family had arrived at the foot of the hill that she'd once called home. Dafydd had come to help them all out of the car, and before they could say anything to them, Captains Sol and 'Emlyn' had taken flight and disappeared into the skies; evidently securing the perimeter for them. Elwynn, on the other hand, had bounded out of the car in excitement, and was happily exploring the area just around them, while at the same time, Eve, who had followed him, was pointing at various things that she'd seen the last time she was there to Olivia, who'd never been to Wales before. Ddraig and Alexan


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Castle Ixenieijr - Lego Design

Lego Creations

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World Map - Dragons Unite


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T-and-T Mark IV


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