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Comm : Loosing weight


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Comm : Loosing weight


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Lasair and Kindle

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Spirited Away


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Apple heart pt2


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Imperium Draconis Purpureum [TLoS, DU AU], Part 1.

Chapter One: Hello, Young Dragons... Spyro was a heavy sleeper, once he finally fell asleep, but he was definitely an insomniac dragon by all accounts. He had his own bedroom in the Dragon Temple, with his own desk and his own things, even managing to badger his father into letting him have a crystal radio, so he could listen to music while doing his homework.    The heat of the summer morning hadn't managed to best his slumber, but it was his alarm clock screaming that forced him awake. With a tired swipe of his tail, he sent the mechanical monster flying to the floor. Spyro groaned as he heard it shatter on the floor.    "Oh, not again,

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