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God, that text editor is awful...

Anyway, where was I? So, this is one of those lucky shorts where a good chunk of the text flew into my head suddenly while I was doing something else, and I managed to write most of it down before running out of steam. Thankfully, Ddraigtanto was able to help me polish this off on short notice, so here it is for all to...enjoy? That's probably not the right word, given the content...:\

I'm imagining a few of you will be going "Wait a minute, what's going on?" given how this is different from how we've described Selena's death in the past? Well...basically, a while back I was writing up a plot summary for a planned rework of the earlier stories in the series (no idea when we'll get around to it, but it'll be a UAA-style revamping of LAL that updates things to match the current lore while also working in lots of ideas from the stories around it...incidentally, part of the change involves Schakri showing up in Sekeolath with the Maleforians, having been recruited into their number LONG before, which is why Ddraig never managed to find and apprehend him) and while penning a sequence where Ddraig yelled at Schakri for all the pain he'd caused him, I suddenly thought it would be more interesting if Schakri vehemently denied killing Selena...and was eventually revealed to be telling the truth (but not until after Ddraig had already mortally wounded him in vengeance for it all). Schakri's still a monster, of course (and a victim of his own inability to accept responsibility for the mistakes he's made), but this makes the overall story a bit more complex...

Incidentally, in the original vague concept (like, before the text flew into my head) the plan was for the scene to actually show Selena's death and have her killer die at the same time, but KeizerHarm pointed out it wouldn't make sense for Schakri to calm down so quickly after all that, and much later on I realised it worked much better (while also being a LOT easier to write) if we only saw the aftermath...

All non-Spyro characters belong to Ddraigtanto, obviously.
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Interesting is all I can say.
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And fair enough; t'is a dark tale...