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Pixel Spyro Characters

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EDIT: Added back ridges to the young sprites.

Well, this took a bit longer than I thought it would. A few days back I was on a Spyro RP page or something and I was silently cursing that I didn't have any pictures of the fan characters I'd come up with.

I remembered that there was a simple character maker on one of the Spyro sites, but they were using just the Spyro and Cynder sprites, which weren't much use for making adult characters. Then I thought a pixel version would be nice, if it existed. Not long after that, I decided to try and make a pixel template for people to work with.

So here's the starter pack, I suppose. Ignitus, Terrador, Volteer, Cyril and the Chronicler, plus Rule 63 versions of them all, and a younger version - so you have different examples of how each Dragon Type could look. There's also young Spyro and Cynder, and Flame and Ember from the original series, and at the top are three blank templates so you can make your own!

This isn't finished - there's an adult Cynder that just needs the bracers added, and adult Spyro and Malefor that are awaiting completion, plus I think I should probably attempt a Flame and Ember adult sprite - but new stuff will be added in a later picture - I want to add a Sparx sprite, and perhaps a hatchling and egg sprite.

I think I should make a gallery out of this; perhaps make sprites of my characters and other people's characters, and then put them in one big picture - this one is lacking a background...

Hey, if you draw your own, make sure to send a link back here! It'd be nice to see what people have done!

These sprites were drawn using the concept art for ANB, the odd picture from the Spyro wiki and the colouring of the pictures here: [link]

Spyro and all the characters copyright their various authors.
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I'll get round to writing it later, but I've been attempting to figure out the reasons between the vast differences between the weight of male and female dragons.

So far, I have two theories:

A: Male Dragon weight is the normal size. Female Dragons are thin, specifically so that their lower abdomen can swell in pregnancy to hold more eggs.
B: Female Dragon weight is the normal size. Male Dragon weight is something Female Dragons find attractive on a subconcious level - either it suggests they have bigger muscles and are stronger, or that they are more capable of finding food.