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Pernese Shields

Recently, a person on the "Meeting Of Minds" forum (for books by Anne McCaffrey) asked for pictures of the various crests for Hold, Hall and Weyr in the series. Now, just about all of these come from the Dragonlover's Guide To Pern or the Board Game. However, the DLG was updated several years later adding new shields, and these are not as well known.

Anyway, after trying and failing to find good pictures of the shields online, I decided to draw some pixel ones from scratch. Eventually I scanned in a good deal of the shields from the book and coloured them in.

I don't think I have the Hall shields quite right; these pictures show them as lacking black lines, plus I drew the circles too big. ( [link] )

Note the shield marked unknown? It's from the Dragonflight graphic novel; a Lord Holder is wearing it at Ramoth's first hatching. Looks a bit like Igen.

On another note, there's also the "Flag" of Pern, mentioned in Dragonsdawn. For a list of possible designs for it, see here ( [link] ).

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well done,looks like a lot of work.But I think you left out Plateau Hold when Jaxom was dating Corana in The White Dragon