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Pern Map - Current Stage

NOTE: For a blank version of this, go here: [link]

ANOTHER NOTE: I think this actually needs to be updated...I've noticed that several places have wrong names or shouldn't be listed at all, or are in the wrong place (Three Rivers, for one). I'll fix them at a later date.

Right, this is where I'm going to stop for now. Download this one to see it - it's not displaying it properly for some reason.

Here's the existing map but with place names added. I did this one quickly, so things aren't as accurate as they should be (mainly the Southern stakes, the northern ones are fine), but I'll fix that another time. Think of this as an example - the northern borders are my interpretation, for one, as the ones given in the Atlas didn't quite add up.

One problem with the source map used was that it was on a slight angle, plus some of the Latitude/Longitude bars were in the wrong place. I fixed most of them, but I still don't think they're quite right. They're more accurate than the maps being published in the newer Corgi paperbacks though - they've cut the area between the Lagoon River and the west Delta river and then changed the Longitude on the West side of the map to cover it!

Special thank you to the user Kat of the A Meeting Of Minds forum for helping me with the Hold names!

Same key as before, you should be able to guess what it means. Grey dot indicates a minehold. Red indicates an unsure placement, or, if in the south, it can indicate a stake that might have been resettled. An asterisk indicates the location is a resettled stake.

Oh, and I added a small bit of decoration to this map - each Major Hold and Weyr is decorated with a pixelly version of its colours. A Mastercrafthall is marked with a black dot with a white box - I'll add a key for which is which later.

TINY EDIT: Forgot Mexico! Drew a quick border around it for now - too tired to properly figure out where the real lines go. Also fixed the Observatory on the Western Continent.

Either way, I'm aware I might have made mistakes along the way - leave me a quick comment and I'll fix the map accordingly!

There's still a few places missing, due to insufficient evidence thus far as to where to put them:

Bald Lake Hold (Ruatha)
Riverside Hold (Ruatha)
Red Cliff Hold (Keroon?)
Great Reach Hold (Presumably in one of the plague-affected areas)
Brum Hold
Vesta Hold & River (Perhaps Boll?)

Three Rivers is in the wrong place - it's apparently near the tip of the westernmost branch of the Great Dunto River (which is confusingly called River Crom, along with the nearby Crom River).

Dragonriders of Pern copyright Anne and Todd McCaffrey
Atlas Of Pern drawn by Karen Wynn Fonstad
Other maps drawn by various artists
Map Base by Mynti [link] based on a map by Niels W. Erickson and Harry Alm
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Phenomenal work. :)