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Who am I? I'm a random person who likes solving problems that pop up in various book/film/tv/game/etc series that I pay attention to. Hence, a lot of my work revolves around creating essays, maps, informative pictures, and the odd fan-fic to test out a scenario. I also like designing things, so there's the odd concept there too!

I'm only too happy to help out with things wherever I can...need a quick historical map drawn or want help coming up with a story concept? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Favourite TV Shows
Friends, I suppose. And Lost, but only once I watched it on DVD.
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James Horner - Composer. Nostalgia FTW.
Favourite Books
With five bookshelves bursting to the brim, I've too many to count!
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At the moment, games by Bioware and Paradox Interactive.
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A toss up between PC, Xbox 360 and PS2...although nothing beats PC for modability!
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Adobe Creative Suite
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Too many to list!
I never got around to making a journal for this, but in the build-up to "Secrets of Dumbledore" it ultimately occurred to me that one of the biggest problems with the preceding "Crimes of Grindelwald" was that it was more of a loredump than an actual story; random details about characters and places that Rowling would have previously revealed in interviews or uploaded to Pottermore as a companion piece to an existing book or movie being instead haphazardly squished together and used to fill out several hours of screentime. As a result, I found myself thinking of Star Wars' old 'Machete Order', and how the films end up being improved by watching them in a certain order and omitting some films...would the Fantastic Beasts franchise work better if you ignored the second film and went straight from first to third? Having now seen said third film, I have the answer...nope, it doesn't, but I NOW know without a doubt that if this series does indeed get the fourth (or even fifth) film that
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Been a while since I wrote up reviews for things, hasn't it? Well, here's three quickies for stuff I saw over the past week...spoilers may ensue! GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE I really need to get around to watching the original films at some point...I mean, I've seen bits of them and I watched the animated series as a kid and loved that, but for whatever reason I never got around to watching the films! As a result, I had no real stake in the game when the internet got into a stupid war over the sequels and I ultimately came down on the side of "the hate for the 2016 film was overblown but that doesn't make the film GOOD by default" and wasn't rushing to see the new film, but a friend of mine suggested we go anyway and...well, I enjoyed it! I mean, this film's a mixed bag overall, but in the end it had sliiightly more good elements than bad elements, so it narrowly inched out an 'Okay' ranking. For context, it's another one of those films where the script needed another rewrite before
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So this intriguing little headline flashed across my radar a couple of days ago... Well, this is going to be interesting, isn't it? :) The overall opinion of the Star Wars prequels has fluctuated wildly over the years - as Todd In The Shadows once said about The Phantom Menace, "it went from 'The greatest thing ever!' to 'Well, okay, there were a couple bad parts, but it was mostly good!' to 'Oh my god, that was a turd from start to finish!' to 'Okay, calm down, it wasn't that bad!'" - and while I think nostalgia and disatisfaction with the most recent films has certainly played a part in people's reappraisal of the films, I'd say a more significant factor is the existence of the spectacular Clone Wars series, which took so many concepts that the prequels barely had enough time to explore - or which were explored poorly - and did them right. Character relationships, worldbuilding, lore,'s
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Well I don't know if you read book 14 but umm. Yeah it's GG for me. By wof.

A while ago...thought the POV character's monologue was a bit irritating, even when it was revealed why she was like that. Still, not giving up on the series for a reason as petty as that.

Yeah she's kinda like that spoiled girl that demands everything from Willy Wonka. LOL. But I was only able to get to chapter 14 then I had to quit.

So I think you were interested in trans characters so...

Trans Kyra

Huh, interesting...what inspired this change?

story wise? or my choice to do this

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