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Secret Order - DU
After checking for the third time that his robe was fastened tightly around his head and body, Will took flight. The night skies were bare; no Moon, just the faint glimmering of the stars above the city of Warfang. Any other day of the month, his pale yellow scales would have been obvious in the darkness, but now, he was hidden. That was why their group always met at this time, Roland had explained to him. Easier to hide.
Diving down from the lofty heights Warfang Palace rested upon, Will descended towards the entrance to the ancient Undercity, flying inside as fast as he could. The vast doors were always open, but as far as he knew, nobody ever ventured into the caverns if they could avoid it. Long ago, it had housed many a noble dragon family, and he knew there were meant to be vast mansions carved out of the stone beneath the city, but these days the halls lay vacant, and the streets were the fiefs of beggars, the sickly and any other dragon who didn't have a place to sleep at night
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Mediterranean Union - Dragons Unite by AMCAlmaron Mediterranean Union - Dragons Unite :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 43 6 Indie Album #2 - Keys of Privilege by AMCAlmaron Indie Album #2 - Keys of Privilege :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 1 6 Indie Album #1 - Deserts of Love by AMCAlmaron Indie Album #1 - Deserts of Love :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 1 4 Discworld Map Template Thing by AMCAlmaron Discworld Map Template Thing :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 10 0 Saim Sketch - Holiday Art! by AMCAlmaron Saim Sketch - Holiday Art! :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 9 10
An Ending/Ascent - Dragons Unite
* * *
“Look out!”
"TAXID!!! NO!!!"

Awareness gradually returned to Taxid Lucien, with panicked voices of screaming dragons echoing in his ears as he slowly stirred. Groaning, he opened his eyes, trying to fight the sense of nausea and disorientation. The sight that greeted him roused him immediately, and he jerked upright, frantically flapping his wings as he looked around in confusion. Everything was dark, and he couldn’t see any sign of ground beneath him, but at the same time he didn’t seem to be falling. He almost felt like he was...floating.
What...where was this? How had he got here? The last thing he remembered was the Golem's bulk approaching, the swinging of a mountain range of solid rock straight towards him, so much faster than something of that form should move, and then-
"Hello?" Taxid called. "Who's there? What's happening?"
Without warning, what felt like an explosion of brightness illuminated the void, an
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The Bunker - Dragons Unite
   The roof of the bunker shook, causing small amounts of dust and plaster to fall down upon Prince Taxid, waiting far below the surface as the Battle for Warfang raged above. Though faint, he could hear the rattling of assault rifles, the explosions of bombs and missiles, and the roars of whatever horrors Malefor had sent to the walls of the city.
   Taxid paced back and forth, his jaw clenched tight from anxiety. His father, the King, had yet to return to the safety of their bunker, located beneath the ancient Warfang Palace. The complex had survived wars like this before; it had been occupied by Napoleon’s forces as the Holy Roman Empire fell, and swastikas had flown from its flagpoles when the Drachenführer’s armies had forced their way inside during the Second World War. Each time, their foes had been vanquished, and the white and gold banner of the Kingdom of Avalar had been restored to its rightful position above the palace walls...until now.
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Mass Effect - Board Game Concept by AMCAlmaron Mass Effect - Board Game Concept :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 3 10 Nicola by AMCAlmaron Nicola :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 26 25 This Is Halloween by AMCAlmaron This Is Halloween :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 10 0
Dressing Up - Dragons Unite (Draft)
"Who are these?" Ddraig asked, peering at a row of framed photographs.
"Oh, just some of the models who've helped me with my work from time to time." the Tailor said, waving a foreclaw.
One of the pictures stood out to Ddraig; a particularly dashing green dragon standing in a studio and striking a dramatic pose. She wasn't entirely sure why, but something about the dragon was drawing her attention. For some reason, the picture reminded her of Lord Grijswater, although Ddraig wasn't sure why he leapt to the front of her mind.
Beside her, the Tailor giggled. "My lady seems to be deeply moved by this picture."
Ddraig went red. "What?" she stammered. "No, I'm just curious is all." Ddraig said, lying through her teeth.
"I'm sure." the Tailor nodded, grinning. "He is quite a handsome specimen, though. Unfortunately, I don't think he'd be particularly interested in either of us," she continued, moving over to one of the display mannequins. "I hear he's more fond of those, bigger hor
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The Arapaho Wasteland - Fallout Fan Map by AMCAlmaron The Arapaho Wasteland - Fallout Fan Map :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 3 0 Pixel Queens by AMCAlmaron Pixel Queens :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 11 0 Two Flags, Two Kingdoms, One Country by AMCAlmaron Two Flags, Two Kingdoms, One Country :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 22 0
A Hard Question (Short)
"Alex, could you come in here for a second?" Ddraig's voice called from her study.
"Certainly, my dear, just a moment!" Alexander replied, striding down the hall and entering the room, where he immediately got the feeling that something was wrong. Ddraig wasn't working at her desk, as he'd expected she'd be at this time of day, but instead she was standing by the window, looking somewhat uncomfortable.
"Is everything all right, Ddraig?" he said, slowly moving to her side.
"Yes, things are fine, Alex," she said, putting on a smile, "It's just...well..."
"What?" Alex said. "You can tell me, Ddraig."
"Oh, ancestors!" Ddraig groaned, turning her head away. "I'm just making this worse!"
Before Alex could say anything, Ddraig continued speaking. "Look, Alex, I don't know how I can say this to you, but..."
Alexander's heart sank. Surely she couldn't be saying what his mind was thinking? But things had been going so wonderfully for the two of them, hadn't it? They'd gone out together, they wer
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...before I jump into that, I've finally returned home from my seven week holiday/cruise combination across...ooh boy, this might take a while; America (Los Angeles), Britain (London and Belper), France (Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam and a lot of little locations), Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg, Munich, Schloss Neuschwanstein and Dachau), Czechia (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna and Salzburg), Malta, Slovenia (Koper), Croatia (Rijeka and Dubrovnik), Montenegro (Kotor), Italy (Venice, Catania, Pompeii, Rome), and yays! Expect photos to be uploaded in a Journal once we eventually get around to going through them all and filtering out the really awful ones.

Anyway, the whole fear and terror thing? During my last few days in Rome one of my wisdom teeth started acting up, sticking out and cutting into my cheek (just like the one on the other side did before it got taken out). My Mum booked an appointment for today and we went in to get it removed...only to learn that apparently the REST OF THE BASTARDS also need to be removed, and worse, the two lower ones are surrounded by gum and bone so surgery and sedatives will be required. I struggle with the dentist and anything involving injections at the best of times and so...agh, just aaargh blargh no!

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I'm only too happy to help out with things wherever I can...need a quick historical map drawn or want help coming up with a story concept? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

For players of Fallout: New Vegas, which faction did you ultimately side with, and for what reason? (please comment!) 

6 deviants said President Aaron Kimball and the New California Republic
2 deviants said Robert House and the New Vegas Strip
1 deviant said Yes Man and the Independence Faction
No deviants said Caesar (Edward Sallow) and Caesar's Legion


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