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Why let facts get in the way.

FACT: You should have used a question mark there! GRAMMAR BURN!


My copy of Fables #1 says that, and also that Willingham is the trademark holder for the characters. Ditto the Fables Encyclopedia. What you've shown is from a reprint.

FACT: Reprints come with updated information and thus are usually more accurate than first printings.


And it's sad that after decades of creators being exploited by the corporations they work for (Seigel and Shuster, Jack Kirby), there are people who believe the corporations and the creators are wrong, especially if the creators dare stand in the way of an in-name-only movie/TV show/video game.

FACT: Bill Willingham has said that TWAU is canon so it's not an in-name-only video game. It is Fables. Granted, there are non-canon choices you can make to get a different story, but there are guides to use to make all the canon decisions.


The copyright for the work, the Fables comic, is co-own by Bill Willingham and DC Comics, as is stated in every Fables comic.

FACT: Co-owned by Bill Willingham AND DC Comics? Okay. So, PancakesWithLove, Phil-Cho, and the others were right. "Character belongs to DC Comics" is a correct statement, whether wholly or in part.


Saying that the Fables characters belong to DC doesn't make it true.

FACT: But by your own later admission it is true. So you saying "Saying that the Fables characters belong to DC doesn't make it true" and then later being proven that DC Comics does own the characters does make it true and you are thus you were wrong.


Why let facts get in the way.

FACT: That statement didn't age well, did it?

Darien Wolf (Earth-27) commission

Puerto Rican flag is red, white, and blue.

American flag is red, white, and blue...

Uh... I'll be honest with you, your humor needs some work.

Captain America Harriet Tubman commission

That's your perspective, Mr. Ignorant. But here are the facts. You say there's only one race. Human? Nope. Human is a species, Mr. Ignorant. You say there are different "breeds" but that's why you're Mr. Ignorant. Any idiot knows this already, but allow me to educate you.

A species is a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

A race is a social construct based on unified identity through hereditary physical characteristics.

A breed refers to an intentional attempt to determine select characteristics through selective mating.

Sure, there are physical differences in the different races of humanity, but there are physical differences in every member of the same family. The oldest brother could be athletically gifted with dark hair and dark eyes, while the youngest sister could be a genius with light hair and light eyes, and their siblings could look very different as well and have their own strengths and shortcomings.

When you speak of sending a 3 ft dwarf to play basketball (ignoring your dickish insinuation that you would somehow have the authority to send someone to do something on your behalf, implying you're somehow this little person's better and able to command them to do your bidding), you're speaking about an individual's limitation. Not the limitation of a race. So you're trying to argue apples but showing sour grapes. In other words, you're making yourself look like a huge moron.

Despite your STUPID citations, you seem to regard yourself as something of a learned individual. You like to throw out big words and cite terms that are aimed at making you seem intellectual. So, allow me to just close this in a simple, science-based manner, stripped of ethics and "leftist" viewpoints.

While you can argue that a short person does not make the best basketball player, the simple fact is that one's athletic ability does not prove their worth as a human being. In the purest evolutionary regards, the ability to get mates is what determines your worth to the extension of humanity's time on Earth. Peter Dinklage might not kill it on the court, but I'm promising you he gets way more action in the bedroom than you. Not only is his charisma flawless, effortless, and undeniable; but he's also not a racist simpleton... which by the way is a major turn-off.

So if you like getting it (or like the idea of getting some someday) maybe it's time you get with it. Stop being a racist edge-lord. No one thinks you're funny. No one thinks this backwards way of thinking is beneficial to society. So just stop.

Or don't. Your choice. At least I can take comfort knowing that if you don't stop this, you're going to end up alone and dead, never having passed your biologically inferior intelligence to a new generation.

Captain America Harriet Tubman commission
Oh yeah? Two can play this game.

phil-cho Roysovitch
Dance the cha-cha on this lamebutt dumbfacemeaniehead wizzlewoowoo at your earliest convenience!
Warren Worthington III [1993] (E-27M) commission
Hey! You're back! You came back for me! I knew you loved me!
Warren Worthington III [1993] (E-27M) commission