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UPDATE: Writing has gone back into pause on my novel, Bio Domina, a story where plants not only become sentient, but become the dominant species on Earth!

Hello, Everyone, my name is Ashlynn Ashcrofte. I'm a furry, musician, writer, and also, obviously, an artist. I also happen to be a Male to Female Transgendered person, with a femboy side(hard for me to admit, mostly cuz o' judgement >.>). My favorite color is red, favorite food is dill pickles, my favorite music artist is a tie between Hinder and Taylor Swift. And I love Love LOVE poetry. Want to know more? Ask me at I'm very open, and will answer any questions. Plus I answer at minimum one question daily, usually more.

1) A picture of my skunkette fursona, either preteen, chibi, or adult.
2) a picture, in any form, of my Dragon girl, Listheria
My wishlist shows what I wish I could get as drawings from various artists.

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Wow. Just wow. This is truly a good piece. (It's been a while since I've wrote a critique, so if I'm a bit rusty, sorry). So I'll start with the subjects themselves. Looking at the two riolu's, I'm interested to see that while there's nothing really to do so, the tears in their eyes are so eye-catching. I noticed them first. They are very well done, adding a sense of sadness or despair to the picture. The facial expressions show that this is something the shiny riolu doesn't want to do, but knows is somewhat inevitable. The stances and facial expressions add a touch of excitement and danger to to the picture. The tilt of the sky, with the clouds, and especially with the direction of the tails and scarf, suggests they are both falling, leaving a sense of vulnerability to the shiny riolu, being on the bottom. This is a truly compelling piece, and the only fault I really find with it is that on the shiny riolu, the very back of the head, the hair doesn't flow into the head smoothly enough. But all in all, an excellent piece.
The end of the spark between us
I see. and no problem, lol. We are all hu-...faulty here and there. :P
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Hmm, where to start? I happen to have a thought or two on this, the first being, technically speaking, it was Jean attacked first, THEN Flora in. Flora just died first, as it was a killing blow for her, and a wounding blow for Jean. Second, you may wanna put talk after the word pep, as not everyone may know just exactly what a pep is. I myself was mildly confused for a moment. Other than that, it is a good first chapter, and I can't wait for the next ones. A well done chapter, if a little short for me.
I'm quite glad I could help. :)
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Wow. Just wow. Hmm Where to begins? Well, I've only just started watching you, but already I can tell you're a great artist, as proven by this piece. The first thing that caught my eye was the pentagram, as I'm pagan. I love the color of it, and the way it's hanging on the dragon. The detail on the feathers is exquisite, something I wish I could do. The pose, also, is quite striking, if I must say so, and the face conveys a hidden message buried somewhere just beneath the surface. You're really not giving me as a critique much to, well, critisize. My only qualm with this is a singular minor detail. While the green looks nice as shading on most of it, it looks like someone spit something on the slightly lower front paw. All in all, a magnificent piece of work. Keep it up, Gewalgon.
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