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As promised here the third ending for The Roommate!
The first ending you find here: Learning
The second ending you find here: Fresh Start

Comments are always appreciated! As is your vote for which ending you liked best!
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StorySwapAustinProfessional Digital Artist
Aww this is pretty cute too with Kathy joining her bestie Celine and also quickly adapting to her being a toddler with Celine, maybe overtime Celine will not care and find this to be normal and play happily with her friend, and maybe even have play dates with her friend Judy from the playground! Good job on this! I think all of this endings are very interesting and adorable!
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Thank you very much!

I guess Celine still needs a lot of persuasion. Play dates might help her to get rid of her sour mood though! Or maybe tea parties including their plush toys. ;-)

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StorySwapAustinProfessional Digital Artist
I totally agree on that I bet all of those will help her to adjust to this!
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I was surprised by this, as I wasn't expecting Kathy to look so much like she's a bit crazy. Celine discovering that she's been kept little, while an overjoyed Kathy talk about having regressed herself to be "friends again" make the latter look like a total loomy. Even more so considering her harsh treatment before.

But in fact, in kind of explain it, as we realise she's a total lunatic. And it feel to me that Celine is appaled at she's proceeding that discovery just as we are. ^^

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Thank you!

I really wanted to make both characters a bit extreme in their views, so their clash comes naturally. While Celine the party girl/slacker, Kathy is the nerd/good girl. The prospect of getting money and a great job convinced her as much as the hope of mending the friendship to Celine(on her terms). The enthusiasm meanwhile ... yeah this and the spanking revealed a more unhinged aspect of her.

Still, given who is the socializer of the two I know on whom I would place my money when it comes to getting along with a group of toddlers.