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Current Mini-Activities

Themed Prompt - Thru June 30
Summertime is here again! Water sports, sunshine, beach time, outdoor sports, daredevil antics, and more! What does your OC do in the summer?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their summer plans (and who they are with)!!!

Story Prompt - Thru June 30
Erd's Blessing is happening now! Does your Ambrivan want a new magical talent? What would they choose if they could?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their magical talents - existing or not!!!

Static Holidays

1 Dec - 15 Jan: The Heartwarming Vigil
6 Mar - 15 Apr: Adaisa's Day
16 Apr - 1 Jun: Erds's Blessing
2 Jun - 15 Jul: Wawrea and the Burying of Eves
1 Sep - 20 Oct: The Festival of Tides
Ambaran Calendar and Seasons/Holidays by MamaLantiis

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