The Sandstalkers of the Eastern Dunes

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The city of Morbroada weaves a compelling tale to stay indoors during sandstorms. They say Ambrivans left in the storms are faced with a fierce-some foe with no face save for a maw of giant tusks and pointy teeth. They attack and lash out with thick sandpaper-like claws that can tear the flesh clean away. Sandstalkers are incredibly tall and can move freely within a sandstorm or dune. They have no eyes but a face filled with teeth and tusks. Hands and feet are clawed, and they have four arms with which to battle with...

Sandstalkers are the stuff of nightmares and only appear in sandstorms that anyone can tell. The legend urges even the bravest and strongest warriors to take shelter else they will be claimed by the sandstalkers. Sandstalkers are looking for a fight and take as a trophy their beaten foe... Even today, in Morbroada, it is mandatory to go indoors where it is safe during all sandstorms.
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