The Luffra of the Petal Coast

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The luffra live on the petal coast in the southwestern side of Ambaran. As the story goes, they are delicate flying bugs that can swarm to devastating effect when protecting their home and families. Legend tells of many settlers and towns trying to homestead on the petal coast only to be decimated by a swarm of luffra. Nowadays, only the bravest Ambrivans venture there to catch them as their wings and eyes on a necklace are said to bring luck to the wearer...

Luffra have four delicate clear/opaque wings on a tiny spindly body. Their body has two long arms and legs, and their tail is a fan of four spears. Their heads are triangular with six orbs as eyes on the front. Two whiskers stretch out from their face which help them detect changes on the wind and vibrate to communicate with other luffra.

Heimletoan is home to the Luffra Raiders, a group of Ambrivans who get together to hunt luffra and make good luck charms. Their expertise is without question, and their work is very dangerous. From time to time, a raider does not come home.
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