The Haunt of the Seafaring Colony

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Eila, the sad story of a mother drowned trying to protect her children. The story goes that she died in the sea as she kept her children's heads afloat until a passing ship saw and rescued the children. No one found Eila's body...

The story doesn't have a happy ending though. Legend goes that whenever dark shadows fall over bodies of water, any water, a trail of seawater can be seen where it wasn't before. Beware the grieving mother as Eila returns to collect the children she was so untimely taken from...

Those who have seen Eila relate a gruesome appearance of a gray sea-soaked female mouthing the words 'my babies.' Her bottom half is more of a gown than actual legs, and while she doesn't touch the floor, she does leave a trail of seawater everything she goes. Her long purple locks drip, and her eyes are a lifeless black.

A few reports of Eila tell of attempting to communicate with her or stopping her from taking children away with her. Her entire physical appearance goes black and her hair and hands lash out like claws that cut and freeze. The only way to survive they say is to run into the light where she evaporates...
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