The Haatemurra of Jorjarron

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The haatemurra is a humanoid creature, about medium height, with a potbelly, and two bugged out eyes. It's face is furry with a lion's mane that covers most of their body, and it's mouth is lined with tiny fangs.

The haatemurra's body is stocky and lanky, and it has the tendency to drool a thick and sticky yellow saliva from one or both sides of its mouth. It can use this saliva to stick its victims high up in trees. The saliva does not harden or drip but stay congealed in a sticky goo.

The haatemurra lives in the forests surrounding Jorjarron and is rumored to lurk in the treetops where it can see down to its prey. Their lanky limbs give them intense climbing speed. They slide down a tree swiftly and silently, attach their gooey spit to their victim, and scuttle quickly back up the tree with their catch.

Tales of the haatemurra are told to children and young adults to scare them into traveling together. The haatemurra are believed to only attack lone travelers; traveling in groups is encouraged by Jorjarron authorities. Despite its status as mostly an urban legend, residents swear by the legend and stories told about the haatemurra. And any unexplained disappearances or injuries are attributed to wandering haatemurra in the forest.
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