The Frack Monster of Abodemnu

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Frack Monster

Abodemnu is home to the notorious frack monster, an ice beast so huge it could level a small village just from running through...

The frack monster is very real and creates cracks and fissures in the ice everywhere it goes. It stands between 3 and 4 Ambrivan men high and double as long with a tail. Its head is adorned by three massive horns it uses to defend itself. And its skin is harder than the icy tundra it lives on. The frack monster's hide is ideal to use in armorsmithing as well as Abodemnu fashions as well.

The frack monster isn't necessarily a devious or evil beast, but it is hunted to near extinction and very protective of its territory and offspring. Of the some dozen that are left, most will attack any Ambrivan they see on sight, even if it is out of their way. One blow from this mighty beast can kill an adult Ambrivan. And a rampaging one is alarming enough to send soldiers out to defend the nearby people and buildings from total ruin.
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