2020 Storyline: New Emperor, New Ideas

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How to Participate in the Prompts

These are all REACTIONARY prompts meaning you show, in some way, your OC(s) reacting to the information in the prompt(s). You can do every prompt or none ... and anything in-between! These are just for fun, and the best of the best will earn rights to create special Royal MYOs or the abilities to AB future Royal characters!

Welcome to the 2020 story arc!
Open to all of Ambaran: Ambrivans, Seresans and Haalomans!
Write, draw, collaborate, create new OCs, whatever! React and have fun!

Prompt 2: New Emperor; New Ideas

The emperor, tho we are happy to have him back, seems bent on building a super-soldier?? He seems to be using Erd's Blessing as a springboard for collecting trial volunteers and for ways to grant new magical abilities to these "soldiers." While he hasn't outright advertised it, a local laboratory is working closely with him, and the games for Erd's Blessing have their logo on them and suggest Ambrivans using powers they were not born with ... What do you think of this?

Prompt 1: The Kingdom is whole!

United we stand - the People of Ambaran! Three races come together to rejoice that corruption and evil is gone and peace reigns once more. The celebrations last into the night and on for weeks! What amazing sights do you see? What remarkable people do you meet? And what do you pray for the newly returned Emperor, that his nightmare be over and onto better things for the future!?
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