Current Mini-Activities

Themed Prompt - Thru June 30
Summertime is here again! Water sports, sunshine, beach time, outdoor sports, daredevil antics, and more! What does your OC do in the summer?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their summer plans (and who they are with)!!!

Story Prompt - Thru June 30
Erd's Blessing is happening now! Does your Ambrivan want a new magical talent? What would they choose if they could?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their magical talents - existing or not!!!

Static Holidays

1 Dec - 15 Jan: The Heartwarming Vigil
6 Mar - 15 Apr: Adaisa's Day
16 Apr - 1 Jun: Erds's Blessing
2 Jun - 15 Jul: Wawrea and the Burying of Eves
1 Sep - 20 Oct: The Festival of Tides
Ambaran Calendar and Seasons/Holidays by MamaLantiis

How to Participate in the Prompts

These are all REACTIONARY prompts meaning you show, in some way, your OC(s) reacting to the information in the prompt(s). You can do every prompt or none ... and anything in-between! These are just for fun, and the best of the best will earn rights to create special Royal MYOs or the abilities to AB future Royal characters!

Welcome to the 2020 story arc!
Open to all of Ambaran: Ambrivans, Seresans and Haalomans!
Write, draw, collaborate, create new OCs, whatever! React and have fun!

Prompt 2: New Emperor; New Ideas

The emperor, tho we are happy to have him back, seems bent on building a super-soldier?? He seems to be using Erd's Blessing as a springboard for collecting trial volunteers and for ways to grant new magical abilities to these "soldiers." While he hasn't outright advertised it, a local laboratory is working closely with him, and the games for Erd's Blessing have their logo on them and suggest Ambrivans using powers they were not born with ... What do you think of this?

Prompt 1: The Kingdom is whole!

United we stand - the People of Ambaran! Three races come together to rejoice that corruption and evil is gone and peace reigns once more. The celebrations last into the night and on for weeks! What amazing sights do you see? What remarkable people do you meet? And what do you pray for the newly returned Emperor, that his nightmare be over and onto better things for the future!?

:iconambrivansociety: :iconambrivansociety: :iconambrivansociety: 

This is a super important discussion.

Your feedback is not only appreciated but needed!

Typical Adopt Owner Rights
In any species (or most any species, open to closed), you don't own the adopt as you purchase them. If you leave the species, get blocked/kicked, etc, the adopt owner is expected to make physical changes to their character to keep them or to simply give them back as-is to possibly be rehomed OR be retired.

What you own when you adopt into a species is the same as if you had bought any artwork in a store and brought it home: you own the right to personal viewing/use of that artwork --- UNLESS the artist who made the adopt says otherwise or you made the adopt (like a MYO). That is why the species owner and artist of any adopt can require the above mentioned changes and get away with it.

Adopt Owner Rights at AmbrivanSociety 
Currently, our rules are found here: Ambrivans are an Open Original Species!

Basically, the same goes here as in other species. I just spell it out word for word because I don't want anyone getting something they didn't bargain for. However, we still have that happen - case-in-point - I just had dealings with a former member who, after some discussion, did abide by the rules they agreed to when adopting the Ambaran OC, and we went our separate ways happily thankfully. But this is not always the case...

My Concern and Hope for the Future
I am concerned because I have already had one issue with the rules as-is: my intent has never been to harm anyone, hurt feelings, or deceive anyone. But apparently even when the rules are linked everywhere and in plain sight, it is going to happen. 

My HOPE is for the members here (and in other species) to come here and voice their concerns as adoptive parents so, at the very least, I can make changes here that show a support for the community at large and produce an artist-buyer contract for adopts that is friendly and not so jarring. And then to carry these changes into the future with other adopts and species I make (and hopefully encourage others to follow suit).

So please fire away with your thoughts on adopt ownership, leaving a species with your characters (in any capacity), copyright laws (review for a baseline reference), and anything else you can think of or that comes to mind when reading our adopt rules for AmbrivanSociety 

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2019 Storyline is CLOSED

Mon Jan 14, 2019, 9:50 AM

How to Participate in the Prompts

These are all REACTIONARY prompts meaning you show, in some way, your OC(s) reacting to the information in the prompt(s). You can do every prompt or none ... and anything in-between! These are just for fun, and the best of the best will earn rights to create special MYOs with rare or one-of-a-kind traits/pets!

RP: Come to the Discord to RP with your OCs and interact with us there!
dA: Submit an artwork (at least half body + color) or lit piece (250+ words)!

Welcome to the 2019 story arc!
Open to all of Ambaran: Ambrivans, Seresans and Haalomans!

Prompt 15: A Cure is Found

"Glad tidings are had as the princesses tears wash upon her father's skin, he starts to heal. The darkness surrounding him is pushed back, almost as if it cannot take on this emotion. Seeing this brings such happiness to the people of Ambaran that they all start to cry, and with their tears, they grab hold of the nearest cursed person and cry into them, relieving them of their darkness... Tho a stain remains - a discoloration - on each cursed one to show that they were saved by the love of the people around them..."

--- Suni ---


Prompt 14: She Sees Him

"Finally, when all is seemed lost, she sees him, her father, dark and cruel, a shell of his former self. And she reaches and cries for him, 'Daddy! Daddy!' Something deep inside him knows this pure call is partly his creation. In a single motion, the Dark Emperor sweeps up the Princess Lesa and there she cries for him, into his chest and shoulders..."

--- Suni ---

Prompt 13: The EMPEROR Rises

"From the depths he rises... A dark shadowy figure but with an unmistakable shape: The Emperor Creid! Pitch fur, red eyes, white hair, empty gemstones, and a shadowy substances trailing behind where he should have his tail... He comes forth and the blackness spread everywhere he touches... How will we stop this? Is there a cure? Can we heal him or must we defeat him?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 12: He Returns?!

"Free now and spiraling deeper into the curse that has infected them, the sick are warring on the soldiers and any who oppose them! The are chanting "HE RETURNS HE RETURNS!" Who? Who returns? The entire continent quakes now... Even the air vibrates with anticipation..."

--- Suni ---

Prompt 11: BREAK OUT!!!

"The sick are angered at their treatment, and rightly so! They have broken out and are flooding the streets of Habrina City! The city is on lock-down now, and the infected roam free, terrifying citizens and soldiers alike..."

--- Suni ---


"The Ambaran government has turned to using the old dungeons in the palace, long out of use, as a quarantine for the sick - no matter the race! They promise cleanliness, good food, and only as long as medically necessary... And the sick now have reflections again only this time they are dark and terrifying... It seems the very fabric of reality around them changes along with them... We are all truly terrified."

--- Suni ---

Prompt 9: A Hunger for Magic!

"The sick have taken a turn for the worse; as their gems dim further, some become black and create a thirst for life and magic in the bearer... These lost souls are trying so hard to fight the urge to do harm to others, but alas, some are failing... Talks are now in place on how to quarantine a large segment of our population! Is this wise? Is this legal?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 8: Faces in Mirrors...

"The sick and healthy alike are perplexed by the lack of reflections in the mirror of the sick Ambrivans. More and more Haalomen and Sersans even are getting sick now too! Unusually enough, the sick are now displaying a new symptom in which they have no reflection in mirrors (and other reflective surfaces)... I wonder why?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 7: The Missing Return!

"The sick have returned from the Ambrivan healer! It turns out it was a hoax. The dark spots seem to grow on the sick more and more now. No pain, no discomfort - just larger dark spots. What could it mean?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 6: A Natural Cure Emerges?

"Some Ambrivan healer from the outskirts of society has claimed to find an ancient tree with sap that can heel the sickness!  Some sick have gone to them and haven't returned. I wonder.... I wonder if it really works? If it does, is there enough for everyone to take? Will it immunize the non-sick from getting sick? So many questions! And no answers..."

--- Suni ---

Prompt 5: The Race for a Cure!

"The Ambrivans have come together to find a cure. But can a cure really be found among all this sickness now? Are we a little too late? ... Or maybe just in time? More and more Ambrivans turn up with the sickness every day. Even some Seresans and Haalomen are being found infected as well. Will this infection continue its spread and infect our home to its core? What will become of me, my family, my friends, and everyone else?!"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 4: The Dark Tendrils that Reach for Us...

"The trees and land are starting to darken. What are those tendrils of darkness that stretch out to touch us? Steer clear of the patches of sickness that infest the land! Is the air truly the only safe place? Yet even now, the tendrils reach skyward, seeking to clip our wings... They delve deep searching bury the merpeople of the seas... And they crisscross the land, blackening everything they touch. The Ambrivan Royals are up in arms about this now! But what do we do?!"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 3: The Sickness that Spreads...

"More and more now fall into the 'black sickness' as the Ambrivan Royals are calling it. It spreads with every movement, every touch. Will it come for us, the angels of the air? Will it taint the amber waters of our beautiful and lively world? They seem so trusting of each other though, so capable of being this way and living their lives as though all is well. Am I the only worried one? Why has this sickness chosen now to start spreading? Surely I am not the only one to feel the wind: something is coming..."

--- Suni ---
CLOSED: Cursed Ambrivan - Sew'n'Spell (Female) by MamaLantiis  CLOSED: Cursed Ambrivan - Lashing Out (Male) by MamaLantiis

Prompt 2: The Darkness in the Land...

"I saw it today, the story my leaders told is true - I saw it with my own eyes! The darkness is seeping up into the land... welling up like a geyser about to explode... patches of darkness everywhere as if something were trying to break through! I am afraid, afraid of the land... so to the air I take but my wings grow weary... Where will we go? What can we do? Do we dare touch it? The scientists are alarmed now. The landfolk and waterfolk are in a state of disarray... What darkness is this and to whom does it come for?"

--- Suni ---

Prompt 1: A Trembling in the Wind...

"I touched a tree the other day, a great big one, big as can be!! It trembled under me though my weight is nothing to such a giant being... What could make the tree tremble so? So to the air I took and dove up and down, and the breeze shook beneath my wings as though the very fabric of the sky would tear apart... How can this be? Flying overhead I gazed down and the great waters rippled where no disturbance could be found. Even the oceans shudder...

What, I wonder, comes this way?
What does our precious world know that we have yet to learn about?"

--- Suni ---
NPC: SUNI: Sunset Blossom by MamaLantiis

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Updated to overhaul the rules, content, and language/tone.
Literally, EVERYTHING was updated!! Read it all!

Ambrivans and their subspecies (Haaloman and Seresans) plus canon pets (Scrouse and Vipwings) are an OPEN original species!

What can you do?
-- make your own (MYO) OC using the available trait sheets and lore.
-- participate in events as much or as little as you want.
-- adopt an existing OC (most of which are FREE (by MamaLantiis) or OTA).
Free Ambaran AdoptsThis is an open species! Please read the rules! We do enforce them - if you have questions, concerns, or want to discuss your adopts and their futures with us, note MamaLantiis 

Review: TOS: Ambrivans, Haalomans, Seresans, and Pets
You agree to those rules when adopting an Ambaran OC.
Comment that you want the adopt in the deviation comment area.




  Ambrivan Trait Sheet by MamaLantiis  Haaloman Traits by MamaLantiis  Seresan Trait Sheet by MamaLantiis

What can't you do?
-- cannot ad lib your own traits - follow the trait sheets!
-- may NOT claim the species as your own - always credit MamaLantiis for the species!
-- may NOT create a ROYAL OC of any variety.
-- may NOT make babies or pets without an existing adult OC.

What do you own with your premade adopt or MYO?
-- regular adopted OCs are yours. MamaLantiis gives up her rights to them (exception: you cannot make $$$).
-- royal adopted OCs I retain some rights to as royal OCs get written into canon lore.
-- MYOs are yours. We have no rights to these OCs.

You don't want your OC(s) anymore. What do you do?
-- rehome your premade adoptable OC through the group (will go into the free adopt journal - not for royals).
-- for MYOs, sell your OC for up to $5/500pts or less ... or for $10/1000pts OTA payments or less.
-- you are free to trade and gift any OCs except royal OCs.

So, can you create adopts?
YES! Do not sell for more tha $5/500pts though! This is an open species, and people can make their own!! ALSO!!! In your deviation description, LINK THE FOLLOWING:
Ambrivans (et al) by MamaLantiis 
Please Join AmbrivanSociety 
RULES HERE: TOS: Ambrivans, Haalomans, Seresans, and Pets

What are special about admins?
-- can kick people from the Discord and Group.
-- can publicly revoke any Ambaran creation (retire your OC(s) and block you from the group/Discord).
-- have first dibs on all royals and get them for free! Can also MYO their own royals!

What if you block or are blocked by the CS Creator/Owner/Group?
OR what if you decide to leave the CS and take your OC with you?

These are the steps that can/will/need to happen...

-- bye.
-- your adopt will be retired and not used at all.

-- follow your adopt-maker's guide! For MamaLantiis THIS IS THE GUIDE!
-- remove all mention of AmbrivanSociety ...
-- your adopt will be retired but may be used as an NPC in the group/Discord by an admin. *** see note below!

-- follow your adopt-maker's guide! For MamaLantiis THIS IS THE GUIDE!
-- change 25-50% of the coloration of the adopt - new version MUST be somewhat different than the original adopt for you to continue using the adopt outside the group.
-- remove all AmbrivanSociety specific traits for the species and replace with something else. Again, this is a MUST.
-- remove all mention of AmbrivanSociety ... This is a MUST.
-- once approved by an admin, you may use your new character without credits to the adopt-maker or group.
-- the now freed-up royal adopt may be 1) adopted back out to continue canon storylines, 2) retired and used as an NPC, or 3) permanently retired - the decision is up to the discretion of the adopt-maker and group admins.

*** for premade adopts, if your OC is in stories/ships/family/etc with another member and your OC is retired, if they want to keep those connections, we will come to you and ask permission to use your OC as an NPC. If you say no, that is ok and we will not go against your wishes - this clause is just there so you know a possibility could arise where we might come asking about this.

Ambaran Quick Start Guide:star: Step One
Adopt or make an MYO of an Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman!
You can't do much of anything without a teen or adult, so go adopt/make one! "Adult" adopts/MYOs can be adult or teen ages, but your first has to be an actual adult. After that you can age your later adult adopts to teens and also adopt babies! (and even some pets!)
:star: Step Two

Learn about the Land of Ambaran, and Submit a Reference of your adopt.
Submitting a reference let's you decide where they live, their name(s), make a fashion statement, declare friends/frenemies, etc. Be as detailed as you want to be :3
:star: Step Three

Join any ongoing events or the RP!
Create some art, involve yourself in the lore (alw
  Ambaran FAQGeneral Questions
What do you mean by open species?
You can create your own OC (Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman) with any traits for free - as many as you want. You still must credit me, MamaLantiis, for the species as they are still my original species, but you get to make your own MYOs anytime you choose. Read ALL the rules here: TOS: Ambrivans, Haalomans, Seresans, and Pets
How do I become a breeder?
Since we are now an open species, EVERYONE is a breeder!
What's the deal with the Ambri Shop?
The Ambri Shop has sadly closed its doors as its primary function was to let you customize your OCs. But now you can do that for free!
What constitutes an "Ambaran OC?"
An Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman of any age is an Ambaran OC. Pets do not count as an OC tho you can make them for your OCs.
What kind of

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