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Welcome to the Land of Ambaran!

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Ambrivan Physiology & Lore
Seresan Physiology & Lore
Haaloman Physiology & Lore
Map of Ambaran
Pets of Ambaran
The Calendar

Steal Nothing
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Be polite (at least) to everyone
Critique, don't destroy - build each other up
Ask permission when necessary / questionable
Label mature art with a MATURE TAG please!

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Ambrivans (et al) are an OPEN original species created by MamaLantiis. Please give credit to Lantiis when posting your OCs and adopts.

If you need a TH code, message MamaLantiis

Events & Activities Portal

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Current: The Heartwarming Vigil

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The Heartwarming VigilPrelude...
At the cusp of the new year, celebrations are had all over Ambaran to mark the last snowfall and the beginning of spring! But no celebration is greater than the one in Habrina City! The streets fill with people, the palace is packed with all economic levels of Ambrivans, and games and shows are held all over the city to show the joy of the final snow and the coming spring!
Heartwarming Vigil Events
Gift Exchange with Loved Ones
Fireworks Display over the City
Candlelight Vigil at the Palace
A ball at the city's Capitol building
A Rudderball Benefit for the Orphans
A 3-part Relay for the Children
An Obstacle Course for the Adults
A Silent Auction to benefit Homeless Shelters
Temples hosing Prayer Circles to pray for a blessed new year

Event Lasts from Dec 1st to Jan 15th
The Ambaran Pantheon: Gods and Goddesses

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Timelines and Important EventsCurrent Mini-Activities
Themed Prompt - Thru June 30
Summertime is here again! Water sports, sunshine, beach time, outdoor sports, daredevil antics, and more! What does your OC do in the summer?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their summer plans (and who they are with)!!!
Story Prompt - Thru June 30
Erd's Blessing is happening now! Does your Ambrivan want a new magical talent? What would they choose if they could?! Draw or write (or both!) about your OC and their magical talents - existing or not!!!
Static Holidays

1 Dec - 15 Jan: The Heartwarming Vigil
6 Mar - 15 Apr: Adaisa's Day
16 Apr - 1 Jun: Erds's Blessing
2 Jun - 15 Jul: Wawrea and the Burying of Eves
2020 Storyline: New Emperor, New IdeasHow to Participate in the Prompts
These are all REACTIONARY prompts meaning you show, in some way, your OC(s) reacting to the information in the prompt(s). You can do every prompt or none ... and anything in-between! These are just for fun, and the best of the best will earn rights to create special Royal MYOs or the abilities to AB future Royal characters!
Welcome to the 2020 story arc!
Open to all of Ambaran: Ambrivans, Seresans and Haalomans!
Write, draw, collaborate, create new OCs, whatever! React and have fun!
Prompt 2: New Emperor; New Ideas
The emperor, tho we are happy to have him back, seems bent on building a super-soldier?? He seems to be using Erd's Blessing as a springboard for collecting trial volunteers and for ways to grant new magical abilities to these "soldiers." While he hasn't outright advertised it, a local laboratory is working closely with him, and the games for Erd's Blessing have their logo on them and su

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The Orphanage

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Want to give up your Ambaran OC? Please send the group a note with a link to post as a free adopt OR feel free to resell your adopt for $5/500pts or $10/1000pts for OTA payments.
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How to Affiliate

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Make sure your group is designed after a custom species (open or closed) or is a group for adoptables.
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Question! Where is the trait list for Ambrivans? I probably just missed it, sorry if it's right under my nose. Also, are the breeder applications still open? Just wondering~
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