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Commission Guide (2023)



Understand that these are GUIDELINES, not hard rules and the price can go up or down based on several factors. I reserve the right to charge whatever I feel like for whatever reasons I feel like

Some notes for you:

  • Nudity is fine, but I don't do commissions more NSFW than that.

  • Multiple characters are just the appropriate price again for each character.
  • Commissioners are entitled to approvals on the sketch phase of their commissions. I will make an undefined but reasonable number of edits until approval on the sketch is made. After that, the number and nature of changes/fixes are limited by the complexity of the piece.

  • Commissioners are entitled to general updates on the progress on their commission at anytime.

  • If you want more examples of my art, check out my Twitter, or my Deviant Art

  • If you’ve read this much, I might as well throw a shameless Patreon plug your way. 

If you’re interested, email me at “

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Well, I can always dream of getting another job so I can afford one of these some day.