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Wait and bleed

By Ambrellich
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It's second 3D art I ever made about Resident Evil.

Art not so quality as my new works, but many fans says that it have some value :)
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OMG! soo nice :3
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Действительно, в этом что-то есть) Что-то милое ^_^
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Молодец. В)
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Such a tender moment between the two. Love it!
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so awesome! where did you got these rig'? did you maked them? i love it <3
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Thanks ^)
Yes, i did rig by myself.
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did you like "skined" the whole thing too? man i suck at rigging.. i prefer texturing, modeling and animating <3 do you work for a company?
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full setup (skin+bones) :) No, I'm freelancer.

PS.I suck at modeling. I like to take ready mesh and rig it (try to animate it too) :)
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0.0 omg i got a model that i wanted to animated but nobody want (and have the time ) to rig it... do you think it would be possible to rig it for me? it's at my school so i dont have any photo but ive made it from my concept art [link] i wanted to put it in my demo reel but without any bone its really ugly...
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If topology is correct, I think it's possible. But I have one small thing to tell - now I work in Maya, so modern 3DsMAX rig instrumens I just don't know :(
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ok i work in maya 2012 too. animating in 3ds is a reel pain... i know the topology of the hair are really wrong but i just want to do walk cycle and game animation so its shouldnt be a problem...ill contact you when i get the file back. thanks!
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I think it´s AWESOME!!
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очень красиво. так нежно =)
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Спасибо :)
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чёрт, круто)))
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Спасибо :) Посещала мысль даже сделать ремейк с оглядкой на сегодняшние технологии))
Rinoa-Asatrua's avatar
мысль не лишённая здравого смысла, ага =)))
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nawhh <3 i love leon and ada btw is the title a refrence to slipknot?
scourgetehedgehog's avatar
inside my shell i wait and bleed (8) love the song and piccy :D :D
So lovely, I like it. ^^
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Awesome!!!!!! XD So sweet! :D :heart:
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