Wild, Wonderful World #13 + Company
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I want to share some amazing and inspiring photographers to me that have managed to capture nature essence wonderfully, enjoy and support them!
Bohemian Waxwings - The Lovers by JestePhotography Flower Dance by JulianRad Mirror by JulianRad Retour aux sources... by Ikonokl4st 
Waiting by plumita1 Little Adventurer by Whimsical-Dreams<da:thumb id="531313247"/>
Up up up by phalalcrocorax Botgros by RichardConstantinoff Common Redpoll - What!? by JestePhotography
Snowed In by mydigitalmind<da:thumb id="586391253"/> Under the Willow Tree by NicoFroehberg
Blue Waxbill by chriskaula 389 by Les-Piccolo Mountain bluebird - Foraging by JestePhotography
Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius) by Sergey-Ryzhkov Nightingale by BogdanBoev<da:thumb id="572416706"/>
Mourning Dove in the Evening by papatheo 910 by Les-Piccolo 128 by Les-Piccolo 
Harris Hawk by EdgedFeather Marpissa on yellow by Dark-Raptor 173 by Les-Piccolo
The Next Adventure by seek-and-hide Arguing birds by BogdanBoev Coucou by phalalcrocorax
When the stars threw down their spears by robbobert<da:thumb id="592177197"/> Puffin lookout by chriskaula
Colorful Hunter by mydigitalmind Antigravity by Vikarus Look how I tall I am by Wolfling01 Untitled by Placi1
Indestructible by carinamaiwald Nocturno by Hestefotograf colored by nature by Vikarus 
<da:thumb id="570192839"/> Happy Owl is Happy by thrumyeye Dainty by tanikel
Violet Carpenter Bee II by dalantech Ant carry ant by melvynyeo Syrphid fly - Ornidia obesa by ColinHuttonPhoto
CYNTHIA by ELKAPL Pachyrrynchus reticulatus by AlHabshi Darkling Beetle by melvynyeo
How To Train Your DRAGON by SAMLIM Untitled by Bulinko swan romance by MT-Photografien
1634 by Les-Piccolo Thief 4 by EdgedFeather Fairywren Love by Whimsical-Dreams
Golden Eagle by BogdanBoev<da:thumb id="588473396"/> Harris Hawk 4 by EdgedFeather
<da:thumb id="581881603"/>  X1B7075 common kestrel by thrumyeye<da:thumb id="580332297"/>
Aplomado Falcon by lost-nomad07 2016-06 Grip by W0LLE Buteo buteo by luka567
Owl my God by Culpeo-Fox SuperAnt by kuritoo Eastern Phoebe by JestePhotography To the Sky above by EternalOcean
Riot 33 by EdgedFeather The Devious Angel by CanadianRy Silent death by Wolfling01
The Light in the Eye by thrumyeye Great Horned Owl - Sleepy by JestePhotography<da:thumb id="579948258"/>
Rat Fleece flies by AnnaTyurina 100 by Les-Piccolo Armour-clad by BogdanBoev
Turquoise Frog by Aliuh cute by lisans at the hot day by DeingeL
Ground Squirrel by chriskaula<da:thumb id="584749290"/> Frozen Weasel by Neutron2K
<da:thumb id="583526644"/> GECKO by ELKAPL THE CHICKEN RACE by Dieffi
Humpback Breach by Nimkish<da:thumb id="572646702"/> martin pescatore by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Graceful Snowy by Grouper Botswana 2015 - Kori bustard by Seb-Photos<da:thumb id="571429337"/>
Common sandpiper by CyprianMielczarek<da:thumb id="570192839"/> Conversation by BogdanBoev
Mr. Two Smiles by Tiefenschaerfe A new Chance by Khalliysgraphy One of five by Tiefenschaerfe
Get to know wolves #1 - Who is this? by Khalliysgraphy Django by Quiet-bliss autumn forest by Quiet-bliss
2015-80 Peregrine Falcon by W0LLE The Flight by corniger-aries 2016-03 Harris by W0LLE
Also, listen to interesting Carl Safina talking about animal thoughts and feelings. Do they have them?

Finally, Timelapses:
Blueberry Bee:
Blueberry Bee by AmBr0

Take care!
More Videos:

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Sorry for the delay and thanks for the mention, it's a pleasure and always an honor! :hug:
Have a nice day...
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Thank you so much for the feature! :)
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Thank you for the great feature and including my work is a honor! :hug:
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fabulous collection 
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Thank you for featuring my work Hug Heart

This is a lovely feature Thumbs Up
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Great collection! Thank you for including one of my own as well! =)
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Thanks for adding my shot to this wonderful collection! :iconblakelord:
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Many thanks for the feature!
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:iconheartsignplz: Excellent feature! Thanks a lot for your support! :iconforyouplz:
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Gorgeous :clap: Thanks for taking the time to share :hug:
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Thanks so much for the features!!
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Thanks for the feature!
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Thank you for the feature! Aww 
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Thank you for the feature!  Those are all really great pictures. :)
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Dear friend,

My deepest thanks for including my pic in your wonderful feature. It's a great honor for me.5 seconds hug 

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Thank you for the feature :)
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Thank you very much for the feature!!
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Thanks for the feature!
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