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Wild, Wonderful World #20 + Animal Locomotion

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2018, 10:30 AM

I want to share some amazing and inspiring photographers to me that have managed to capture nature essence wonderfully, enjoy and support them!
Also, check this video about animal locomotion:

Finally, Videos:
Frog and Dragonfly
Frog and Dragonfly Drawing by AmBr0

The hyoid bone and the tongue of the Chameleon by AmBr0

Take care!
More Videos:

Masters of Capturing Light #20 + ALIVE

Journal Entry: Fri May 25, 2018, 11:18 AM
Take a look at some magnificent works of people who are able to align eye, head and feelings, observing the world rather than only seeing it. Enjoy and support them!

Also, check this beautiful video from Florian Nick:

Finally, Videos:

Take care!
More Videos:

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Some Traditional Wizards #19 + Sketchbook Tour

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 9:46 AM

Digital Artisans#19 + Habits

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 29, 2018, 4:22 AM

Digital Artisans
Let me share with you some amazing and inspiring digital artists, give them the respect they deserve:
Spider-man PS4 by PatrickBrown Mononoke #2 By JettyJet by THEJETTYJETSHOW
Kami Unleashed by vuogle Eideann - Varlsbeyn Outfits by Zephyri
God of War by GENZOMAN Heart Pitcher by bellhenge Karsa and Samar Dev by dejan-delic
Small, Round and Pink by Chiakiro Hoopoe sitting on a tree stump watercolor painting by Kajenna Green House by AngelaRizza
White Peacock by Pixxus Lightning Claw by PaleoGuy
Splits Elliptic Bloom by Antares2 After the rain by snatti89
Torii by Aquelion Mazda LM55 by nancorocks
-19 floor by sheer-madness Return To Pebble Beach - The Search Continues by 3DLandscapeArtist
Man's best friend.  Japan. 5000 yen by LimKis GIANTBOT by pascalblanche Nausicaa Alison By JettyJet by THEJETTYJETSHOW
The Shape Of Water by JoannaJohnen Hearthstone - Loyal Sidekick by JayAxer Tdf by DanHowardArt
Cthulhu by veprikov helmet dude by Olabukoo Alien Creature by KENBARTHELMEY
secret temple of the mountain by kiddo428 Commission - Rona Wolfsblood by kasai
Personal work + Free Reference Pack by SkoldArt Through the jungle by PiotrDura
Tdf by DanHowardArt THE question. by PascalCampion Wonder Woman by yinyuming
Solar by JasonEngle Yamiten - 3D concept - full body by Hideyoshi Giant Lizard by Patriartis
Golden prayer by Goshun Birds - CG watercolor by Hangmoon Spirited Away : Another gate (ghibli) by AnatoFinnstark
Sealion Anatomy by Servaline First Order Knight Sallet by RobbieMcSweeney
Black Panther by Hitotsumami random warframe inspired stuff by nebezial Zarya by leonardovincent
warm afternoon by sirallon

Mature Content

American money by fdasuarez
Hannah by gewska
Living Book V2 by Patriartis Star Wars Chibis by DerekLaufman Aussie Mates by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R

Mature Content

winter fairy by RedreevGeorge
Wolverine vs ninjas wip by sancient
Daily Paint 1903# Doctopus by Cryptid-Creations Farstrider Hanzo by ArtDoge
Mantis 3 by otomozok Tupandactylus over the Crato Formation by WillFx Photo study of a Noisy miner by Tifaeris
Study by FeliceMelancholie Pequenia artista by ALKEMANUBIS Portrait 1 by matjosh
Hawke Tarot Commission #3 by Qissus Bird Knight by tetramera Uravity by AmandaDuarte
My Neighbor Porgoro by Yuuza Journey to the West by fengua-zhong MaREY Sue by RAPHTOR
Yoda by Henkkab Luke Skywalker by matjosh Rey by AmandaDuarte
Lunar Empress Lux by crow-god Birch Trees by Fel-X
Albion Online by matjosh George and The Dragon Slayers by matjosh
Bots by matjosh Titan by kerembeyit
Astronaut Samurai by benedickbana girls 180117 by nbekkaliev
Ava by Olorotitan Machairoceratops by Olorotitan
cycling tour by volkanyenen zSUMMITKAIJU new promo render by dopepope
Gruesling portrait by DocWendigo another excalibur sketch by TheFearMaster Biker from ''Streets of 2043'' by Fernand0FC
Pueo by JoePingleton Portrait Painting by GabrielleBrickey Newwork by superschool48
Useless Gesture by TacoSauceNinja 'Tis the Season to be Naughty by kerembeyit Mario Land by Anny-D
Daughters of Sotania by cha4os Commission - Jester Queen. **Commissions open!** by ChrisBjors Tetra and Zelda by bellhenge
Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight by JessiBeans 'Emergence' by MarkJayBee
Denversaurus schlessmani - Saurian by LittleBaardo Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus - The Isle by LittleBaardo
Shoebill by Drkav Sculp Torso 01 by astoralexander Samurai Champloo by r-trigger
Warlords by StTheo Little Companion by 3hil Female elf archer by aditya777
Dela [C] by Astri-Lohne beachvolleyball by snatti89
ODNR: WildOhio Spread 3 of 10 by Rowkey ODNR: WildOhio Spread 2 of 10 by Rowkey
Take a look at this interesting video, where Andrew P Price explains useful habits:

Finally, Videos:
Eagle Wing Drawing by AmBr0

Tiger Drawing by AmBr0

More Videos:
Take care!


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Wild, Wonderful World #19 + Morality

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2018, 10:31 AM

I want to share some amazing and inspiring photographers to me that have managed to capture nature essence wonderfully, enjoy and support them!
Udah 15 by EdgedFeather little beauty by MartinAmm Purple-Shot Copper by MartinAmm Red Tailed Hawk 7 by EdgedFeather
light snowfall by Thunderi Bird friend by Thunderi The Dark Knight Unicorn by borda 
A1126 - Yellow and blue. by Lothringen Sleepy this cold morning(bullfinch) by roisabborrar Just a Hummingbird by Dip-in-Road
A Redpoll in a cold morning by roisabborrar A Crested tit by roisabborrar A Blue tit and autumn bokeh by roisabborrar
A pair of Bullfinch by roisabborrar A little bit cold and a fluffy Great tit by roisabborrar A Siskin by roisabborrar
Galiny 13 by silvena When the sun goes down by woxys Run Like The Wind by Hestefotograf
Deceptive serenity. by Phototubby .:A Good Catch III:. by RHCheng Harsh winter by chriskaula
Jaguar 6390 by robbobert Come into my arms by Lain-AwakeAtNight southern emerald damselfly by MartinAmm
Paroedura Androyensis by nakkimo The little Marsh tit by roisabborrar Felidae (II). by Phototubby
mirror of love by MartinAmm wait by MarcosRodriguez Dripping Wet by Nikki-vdp
Wicket 2 by EdgedFeather Absorbing by WillTC Fairywren at the beach by Whimsical-Dreams
Snow Leopard 2908 by robbobert Greetings from Helgoland by Lain-AwakeAtNight Some Moments of Winter by Khalliysgraphy
P'tit boubou by phalalcrocorax Blue Tit by OliverBPhotography 124 - Angry Bird by ElyneNoir
Off We Go by NicoFroehberg Bohemian Waxwing by NurturingNaturesGift Long-tailed tit by roisabborrar
Kali by EdgedFeather Do not blink, griffon! by Berlin-Steglitz .:A Good Catch I:. by RHCheng
Praying for Springtime(Forest mouse) by roisabborrar Brazilian Rainbow Boa by CharlyJade .:Chickadee:. by RHCheng
Great grey owl by Maria-Schreuders Ural owl by chriskaula Ulysses 20 by EdgedFeather
Sri Lankan Pit Viper by nakkimo Clouded leopard 9475 by robbobert Victoria Crowned by rainylake
Lynx by Arkus83 Dragonfly (Green and black) by Jaiiko Standing Tall by InayatShah Male Leopard by Jamie-MacArthur
Look in to my eyes by Maria-Schreuders A Bullfinch a frosty morning by roisabborrar siberian jay by chriskaula
Yes Im An Angry Bird by TheManyThings Dinner is Ready by NicoFroehberg  C5a9146 by chriskaula
Acrobat in the Wind by NicoFroehberg Black-winged Stilt by Sergey-Ryzhkov Squirrel and Rose by JulianRad
Stare Down by rainylake American Goldfinch 3781 by Sooper-Deviant Jaguar 6275 by robbobert
Snowy and a Blue tit by roisabborrar Ant and Ant by albatros1 Common chaffinch by UdoChristmann
<da:thumb id="709324551"/> Mrs. Blackbird by LewiARTs Blue frog by UdoChristmann
Time to have a Drink... by JulianRad B.C. Ball Python*M - Enjoying Fall 7828 by creative1978 Waiting for lunch by ErikEK
Little Ducklings by EmMelody Little Wood ducks by natureguy Smile. by wolftraz
Giraffe Portrait by Coigach A Blue tit and an autumn leaf by roisabborrar A foodsearching Nuthatch by roisabborrar