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Sunrise Sunset

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Wild World

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TRADCon - Blossoming

Hello everyone, I've decided to create this contest by joining forces with the group Traditionalists ( , a group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by giving the traditionalists a place to gather, showcase their work, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional Community Volunteer team. _______________________________The THEME of the contest is:"BLOSSOMING"_______________________________ Below are some examples that illustrate the theme: Some KEYWORDS related to Blossoming: producing flowers, masses of flowers, birth, new beginning(s), blossoming romance,growing, thriving etc.


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DD Round-Up: Traditional Art - MARCH 2020

Hello How are you feeling? Good or bad, I'm sending you a warm hug! DAILY DEVIATIONS ROUND-UPMarch 2020 So what do you think of the selection? What?!   You think there's something missing and know exactly which artist / art would be perfect for a DD.   Then follow the "instructions" down bellow. ;) __________________________________________ How to suggest a Daily Deviation for Traditional Art Here are my DD Suggestion Guidelines: Traditional Art You can send me your DD suggestions in a NOTE for: Traditional Art category (Paintings, Drawings, Animations, Assemblage, Body Art, Collage, Installation Art, Printing, Scratchboard, Sculptur


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Magic spaces

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'Spotlight: Behind the Easel' 2013 v.02

Traditional-Art-Only ( is proud to present our special feature series, "Spotlight: Behind the Easel" :clap: We'll be featuring one special member of our group, our top gallery contributors. Drum roll, please...:thumb10543388:...I'd like to introduce to you one of our most active members, a very talented and highly skilled realistic artist! :wow: Our featured artist this issue is AmBr0 ( *AmBr0 ( AmBr0, please tell us a little bit about yourself... 1. Is there a story behind your deviantART name? As a child, in my class we were 5 and occasionally more kids with the same and common name in Catalonia: "Jordi", so to distinguish eac


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Where to Sell Your Art

Art in the Professions Many people sell their art to make extra income, or as a full-time job. But how, and where? Surprisingly, there are quite a few options out there. And this works for physically made items such as jewelry, postcards, and traditional art, as well as digital items like t-shirt designs, photos, and digital art. Selling Offline If you prefer to sell offline, in the real world, whether through a third party, or in person, there are several options for you. You can show your art in a gallery, sell in boutiques, craft fairs, or go by word of mouth. Galleries Galleries sometimes charge you to display your work, but get a fai


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Traditional Contest Winners Feature.

Hello! We advertised a tradtiional contest in ArtHasSoul ( a while back, here are the winners, please give them some :heart:! EsthervanHulsen ( LateStarter63 ( GW78 ( MingYou-Xu ( FaeryWing ( hoernchen610 (

CONTEST Journals

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