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More resources, less clapping - Drawing

By AmBr0
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Drawing with Pastel sticks and pencils on paper.
A tribute to all anonymous heroes and first responders represented by my friend at the doors of ICU at Ealing Hospital. Don't send them to battle without a shield.
Respect science because you can't deny the power of evidence. I hope that we learn something from the pandemic. 

Honored to have gotten a Daily Deviation.
Suggested by Erdbeerstern and Featured by brennennn

-Kneaded Eraser
-(70x50cm) (27,56"x19.7")

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Dec 26, 2020, 1:17:59 PM
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So impressed!!! Great artwork. I like the way you use the color and the expression of the one so positive even they are in difficult situations :+favlove:

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Amazing work of art... and very important message! :nod:


~  W A R R I O R  ~
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Imagine if there was a time where everyone would need to wear masks because of some disease

-me 2018
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MOTHER OF SINA!!! I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PHOTO! Call me blown away!! That is insanely good work! And the title is awesome too . . . very appropriate. Congrats on the well deserved DD! :clap:

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Thank you!

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I feel really glad,

Tho I am NOT a First Responder or Health Worker myself,

That you made this work of art,

And then titled it

"More resources, less clapping".

That is because you've totally captured what's going on now.

Praising our heroes,

Giving them accolades and stuff

To go to war

Or do something we ourselves do not wanna do,


When they fail or don't measure up,

Or come back looking hideous,

We turn and give them hell

Or somehow neglect what it is they need

To still do their jobs well

And heal instead of hurt.

That is my perception of not just the First Responder situation,

But also how soldiers in the past have been treated

When they came back from war

Scarred in more ways than what our naked eyes could see.

And maybe regarding soldiers,

This very thing still happens today. : /

I'm also glad that in your description,

You say,

"Don't send them to battle without a shield".

Why do we even think it's okay

To treat our "heroes" like trash

Or just not do our part to meet their needs? D:

Being a "hero" is hard!!!

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:D I feel glad to read your kind words. Thank you for taking the time to share them

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:D I feel so glad in turn to find your message!

Your art here just really moved me to share what I did. :3

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Incredible work!

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WTF it looks like a picture!!! Awesome work how did you do this?

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Thank you! I share timelapses and video progressions on the youtube channel so you can see how everything evolves, if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/ambrojordiart

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Great piece of art! The best way to honour all the heroes who are fighting this war for us.

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You have been featured in ForeverArtGroup's Hall Of Fame (67 - December 2020). Enjoy and congratulations! :woohoo:

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What a fantastic way to honor the heroes of this pandemic! This is an absolutely flawless drawing. I love your optimism and am also hopeful that we all will learn something through this chaos. Well done and well said. :)

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Stunning work, I'm having a hard time trying to tell it from a photo!

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this is beautiful and touching and very true... Like a friend said to our local government: "we don't want an extra week off, or a financial bonus for the individuals... we want more workers, more equipment, more chances to save lives"...

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This is amazing! The details and lighting are spot on! Also the person in the background, I thought at first it was a reflection then realized it was someone else entirely :D
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Well spotted!

That fellow behind my friend is waiting to someone to come to help them/him and relieve them/him so that he can go out of the covid bay

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The image is amazingly realistic. Wow.

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Fantastic, incredibly detailed work, and a great message.

As an NHS worker I couldn't agree more.

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