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Roamers: wraiths that stay in the human world or have grown fond of humans
Isaac  The Tower
- prefers to take the form of an old man, true form is a large white snake-like dragon. He got his last owner killed because she tried to help him. Currently in David's possesion.
Hostility- 1/10             6/10       (in true form)
Speed-4/10                  8/10
Elusiveness- 4/10       7/10
Specialization- air based attacks and defense,especially favors his true form he can breathe out winds reaching up to a 1190 miles per hour

Bernard  The shark
-has "copied" the form of Dustin mayhew,he is seen wearing a white jacket with blue markings and a white hat with a blue plus sign.his true form is a gargantuan shark made out of water which hosts marine life within its body. He was ignored by his previous owners as being seen as weak and useless as a wraith. Currently in David's posession
Hostility - 3/10                         1/10
Speed- 6/10                              2/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                    9/10
Specialization- sea water based attacks and offensive purposes

Lorelei The maiden
- has copied the form of Clara olsson althogh she has waist length hair and a wears a flowing white blouse with a beach hat.her true form is that of a large white peahen with pink heart shaped jewels at the end of the tail feathers She was often ignored by her previous Owners. Currently in David's posession
Hostility- 3/10                       7/10
Speed- 5/10                           6/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                 7/10
Specialization- she can charm her enemies by sending red kiss marks towards them effectively countering damage from them.
She can also place a marking on an area which she can fling towards an enemy, its more powerful the further its from

- wandered off accidentally into the human world somewhere between the 5th and 6th century. He takes the form of a young man with light brown hair that wears a black button up shirt with a red stripe running along the back with a red and white striped tie. His true form is that of a brown quadrupedal wolf that is as large as a fully grown man, his teeth are made of a strange black material and seems to leave traces of charcoal on things he's bitten.
Hostility- 4/10                             9/10
Speed- 3/10                                 8/10
Elusiveness- 2/10                       4/10
Specialization- he is influenced by the wild element despite his teeth leaving charcoal, he is an expert at hit and run attacks and when a target is weak enough, he attacks and sometimes eats them.

Minski The festival lantern
- grew attached to a village which he cared for until his brother found out. He speaks fluent english and ocasional japanese. He almost always stays in his true form but when he is not hes either trying to annoy his brother or he is commanded to. His true form is a bipedal coyote as tall as a teenager wearing a white noh mask which displays the emotion hes currently feeling, he also wears an occasional white kimono with  a fire pattern on the back while in his teeth is usually a smooth wooden stick with a red paper latern attached to a string on the end of it .currently in David's possession
Hostility- 4/10                       6/10
Speed- 1/10                            7/10
Elusiveness- 3/10                  10/10
Specialization- he can break things down into ash and coal, he can then put them back together good as new, he also sports a number of fire based attacks using his lantern, he can also change he environment to night time whenever he wishes. He can control and start fires anywhere within his area of influence, he can place a lantern above you which can curse you or fall to explode on you.he is focused on area control and support.

France Tysterman  
- formerly terrorised a village yearly until caught by certain man who he later made a contract with in exchange for his freedom. He takes the form of a 19 year old man with dark brown hair and vermillion eyes, he wears a black and vermillion suit,under his button up shirt is a collar with a name on it.his true form is a large black bipedal werewolf like creature that is over 6 feet tall with sharp teeth and knife like claws.
Hostility -2/10                               9/10
Speed- 4/10                                  6/10
Elusiveness- 3/10                        1/10
Specialization- he can control thorny plants as well as stinging others to enhance or weaken their abilities. His claws are exceptionally sharp,being able to cut through metal like butter. He also has a minor control over illusions he is focused on offense.

Dango the Sky trident
- he is the one and only family head of the Akari house ,being their ancestor. Dango however, despite his surprising age he actually looks like a 21 year old. he wears a black and gold coloured kimono that covers his scarred arms and goes just above his feet, this is his "casual look" but he does resort to more "modern" outfits such as vests and white dress shirt along with a yellow bowtie which is his poor attempt at looking modern because he wants to get into what his grandchildren are interested in. his true form as of now is currently unknown but he confirmed to be abnormally powerful.
hostility- 0/10  1/10
speed- 10/10 20/10
elusiveness- 3/10  9/10
specialisation- it is known that his very presence itself causes storms to roll in and severe thunder strikes to hit random things in the area but if he ever desires he can simply redirect the lightning with a single swift movement. aside from this he also discharges huge amounts of electricity from his body which is another reason why he wears the kimono as an "insulator" his lowest energy reading ever was 100000 megawatts 

Mingu the Tide Raiser
- he is the elder brother of minski , being his only role model due to their father being wiped out by hunters as well as the same for their mother
A young man at heart but he's no spring chicken,he's one of the oldest students in the school,he's quite affectionate to others but this often gets him hurt

 Ah! Good day new kid,I hope that this message wasn't a big shock to you,I wouldn't want you to suffer a pulmonary infarction. Enough with the small talk! I have something important to talk to you about.

july 12, 17-- ,

so exactly as I remember on that day I was 18 at the time,my appearance was.......less than pleasant,I had annoying Long hair that I had to cut everyday or even tie for that manner,I also had a strange tattoo on the lest side of my chest reaching up until my bicep, eh.. in fact I still have it today! Though I keep my self covered up for the sake of me being rather conservative with my body and such

so it was about sunrise, my brother Duke was cutting my hair like usual,which my sister HATED because she loooves to play with my hair. Ironically I'm the only one in my family who's ever had a non-lethal ability, Duke can poison people,sherry can can also poison people,my mom drains lifespan from people she kisses,my dad makes others rot,my grandad can give you food poisoning and my  grandma makes you cough up blood...yeah they're dangerous. So as I was saying it was another regular morning for me,or so I thought. Duke at the time was washing clothes and hung them up after,we lived normally for about a few years until we were eventually found out by some snoopy neighbors of ours.

" betrayal is a gift for those who cower in fear"

they kept on sending guards to arrest us,but the guards kept on dying before they could even touch us,so eventually they got sick of us and we were ordered to leave or else our house would be burned,so of course we left.

We eventually moved in to a quaint little mountainside where no one would bother us,there our father trained us to be "better" at using our abilities,at that time I was actually in a lot better shape than I am now. Since I was in a sense an oddball to the family I often got locked up in the basement for weeks,months and hey one time I was in there for a year! But strangely I didn't die even if the food being given to me was accidentally poisoned by my siblings. I got my arm,leg,left leg,left hand and even my fingers crushed by the floorboards. Eventually me and my siblings were taken to some random school which I now work at as a nurse, yay! So my life is starting again

"another start,is another one's end"

so currently in the real world its 2017 I believe so I'm quite old,but then my ability strangely stagnated my aging process,so yeah I look young but I'm suuuper old! Ah so anyways, good luck kid!

                                                                        Dustin Mayhew
Once again I never really explained my story so here it goes..... again

in spirit world it is inhabited by wraiths,souls and shades two of those being hostile.

wraiths are malicious spirits that embody an ability that had lost its user,wracked with grief a soul becomes a wraith when they become tainted or either through external efforts a soul can be forced to become a wraith. Wraiths can goi in to their true form albeit they are more hostile and are prone to losing control.they must feed on human hearts,an exception to this is he Gair faction which is in a sense "vegan" by wraith standards,they do not eat the hearts of humans but instead they eat their negative emotions which is a black viscous fluid that can be refined to look like real food. Vegan wraiths find the taste of hearts utterly repulsive due to getting used to the taste of negative emotions. Wraiths look similar to when they were a soul however they have something with them that represents something bad with their ability and that they have black eyes with their pupils being any shape and color.some wraiths are rather docile and calm and they are licensed to run a number of businesses,however these wraiths are considered as scrawny losers by majority of the wraith population. They can be sealed in a seal and they can also be summoned . They are often given titles when they are sealed such as the tower,the maiden,the lizard and such.
So practically I just remembered it now,that I never explained the story of "school for the strange" so I will take the liberty of doing it now! I will be explaining the areas for now.

so the story takes place in 3 main venues,human world,spirit world and the schools. 
first is human world,its pretty much self explanatory.its where the humans or living people live,it's also where the main race,Abberants are every once in a while a spirit screws around with a human and that results in the power of the spirit being inherited but they are not spirits.

second is spirit world,it's where souls and wraiths belong in. You can only enter spirit world when granted entrance by a soul or wraith,however each soul that grants you entrance has their own unique way of passing into it. The most common passageway made by spirits is an alleyway at night with street lights offering little to no vision at all,but beware because spirit world can sense who does and does not belong.if a non-spirit passes through without or even with a spirit,grotesque shadowlike figures called shades will try and coax you into the darkness,but spirits will often ward them off easily with a simple spell.if you DO walk into the darkness the streetlights will turn off one by one,the last light being the spirit that granted you passage,it is possible to still make it through but now the shades  can touch you,but they cannot if you are under a streetlight,
its like a horror game.however if all lights fade away a spirit of high rank can force the lights on for a while but the lights will flicker on and off until eventually staying off,though a king can keep this up for as long as they wish,they cannot widen the area of the exception to this are light element spirits that produce their own light,it works nearly as well as the street lights. In rare cases a spirit will appear before you and escort you. If you do manage to pass through safely ,congrats!you have just entered spirit world. Spirit world itself is always at nighttime with extravagant festivals and parties hosted by kings and queens alike ,just beware not to walk into an area of complete darkness,it is shade territory,if you are being pulled or attacked by a shade while being in the light,the nearby spirits would be more than glad to ward them off for you.also don't be discovered,souls will be fine with the fact that you are mortal and will even assist you.wraiths on the other hand are the counterparts to souls , they will hunt you down and devour your soul so be swift that they do not catch you, their hunt will even reach until the passage way. So spirit world is governed by the seven main kings each with their own territories the border between  each territory is pitch black so it is shade territory.on the way back it is the same as the way in but it seems that the exit has become much farther than before,so make haste.a talisman from a spirit can assist you in spirit world.

last are the schools,it's where the abberants belong. It is a date isolated and repeated constantly over the course of a year.a school can exist outside a loop but it looks can exit the schools but you can only return to the present if you find the loop exit. Each school is given their own name by the respective headmaster. when an aberrant is to arrive at a school or move to another school,they must take a will seem quite modern like a subway but a wind will blow shortly changing the surroundings to that of and old train station with mountains in the distance

so tomorrow I will probably post the map of spirit world somewhere along the lines and I will also be explaining spirits tomorrow!
A female born in Washington DC on October 6, 1893
She is blonde haired and has a rather prickly personality but if you dig deeper you can see why.

june 6,1912. A few weeks before the new school year

    "So everyone it's been a few years since I've been here in rosary and I hope it can last despite us not belonging anywhere as you know I know a lot about you but you don't know about me"

"where I'm from people like us are burned"

    It was an autumn morning of September 13,1910,just as usual I had helped mother bake the bread to be sold,life was hard for us but somehow we always managed despite father being drunk nearly every day he's around and sober around his other family.just what did I do to deserve this? Is this punishment for whatever I've done wrong!? If so why haven't I seen it yet? Why can't I be normal? Why can't I be like them? Those questions ran through my mind like flies in the summer months ,I often still think them to this day. But I still regret why I dint accept the answer while I had the chance,what is the answer you may ask? It's simple,it's because we're Aberrants. We're in a sense.... wrong compared to others,we have unique abilities that they cannot understand,they detest us ! they hate us! They..... fear us... and because so ,those who can't fit in with the rest are burned to the ground like an old doll a child no longer needs. They somehow find it wrong that we shine brighter than them but yet we can't blame them for that ,it's normal for them to fear what they don't understand,after all why listen to a freak?

   It happened again... another aberrant burned to the ground after being stoned by the very people who claimed to love him,but love is just a LIE .i learned it the hard way .

"the world is a horrible place,yet why is it beautiful?"

  We made our promise on the hill where we first met ,our promise to meet again,day after day until the day we would both pass.we did so for the last 3 years until it happened. Everything I touched seemed to shake and tremble with no reason at all,he was afraid,but who wouldn't be if you witnesses a crack open up before you ? He screamed at the top of his lungs ,shouting the words " Clara is a witch!" With no end and no meaning.i tried to run into the woods but I was eventually caught by the villagers. On the days that they held me captive all I could think was that I would be saved by him,but I was after day passed I was begging get to starve to death,until I unfortunately lived to the day of my execution. I was bound to a column of wood by the arms and legs. I was strung up before the entire village, they simply watched in silence before on started to stone me and so and so forth,it was painful, hundresd
So lately I've been thinking about my characters in my story that I'm somewhat struggling to keep organized,so I will be posting a few literary pieces daily about that character along with some of their guys will judge if they stay in the story or if they should be killed off or cease to exist completely,I will probably be having a poll however it's unlikely that anyone would vote.
Ok everyone , I'm about to start drawing my characters for a book I'm writing as well as anyone who would like to request to join the books writing process,
i hope you will all support me in this :3

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