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We Have arrived (SDC adopts) by Amblygonite We Have arrived (SDC adopts) by Amblygonite
(I like writing so have a supplement)

It was a strange place to be in , this new court, new diamond and new gems..... we would stick out..... but we tried our best not to. We had just stumbled across the last ship that was boarding but we didnt know this would happen

1. You may change their designs but not to the point of being unrecognisable
2. You cannot heavily base another piece of art on any of the gems here without owning it or without the current owner's consent
3. This is first come first serve but i might be doing reservations for the early birds
4. Once you have bought one, i will send it to you through a note or in discord if you have an account
5. When you use this image for the first time along with another piece, not just by itself. You must credit me.
6. You cannot sell the adopts for more than what you got them for
7. I will give you a copy of their image without a watermark if you so wish but you must buy them before that.
8. To buy one just send the points to me.

So the orange moster hands dude on the left is

Arcanite - 75
+10 for added shading

The smirking little gurl with wings is

Rose Gold sapphire - 75
+10 for added shading (just ask down below)

And last but not least the leaning blue dood over on the right is

Boulder Opal - 85
+10 for added shading

You may give me an extra 10 if you want me to shade them :)
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February 20
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