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Untitled by Amblygonite Untitled by Amblygonite
Character Theme(s): (Link your character's songs here. Up to 2 songs)

Gem type: onyx

Names, nicknames: bloo, onyx

Rank: researcher

Owner- (only if your gem is owned by some other gem)

Pronouns: he/him/they/them

Clothing: it is a blue jacket like outfir with a collar that sticks up to cover his neck and his chin, the insignia is on the neck area of the sticking up part, he also wears white sock-like things

Height: 12 ft (although 6 ft when working)

Hair color: light blue and white

Gem Location: upper back

Weapon: it is a book that can release and store "pages" which are the rectangular holographic screens you can see above, these pages are memories that blue onyx can manifest into the real world, its special capability is to suck things into the "eye" effectively sealing it

Special abilities:
Memory manipulation- he can basically change whatever someone knows or had experienced, this will be useful for gathering information because blue onyx can then simply take their memories

Construct- he can create anything that has been in the memories of other beings, he mainly uses this to copy weapons in the event that his book is lost or destroyed

Hypnosis- he wears glasses for a reason, his eyes are actually just blue swirls. Naturally his eyes will hupnotize you if you simply atare straight into them, so out of consideration he covers his eyes to minimize accidental hypnosis.

Fun facts(s):
- his hair has white because of stress
-the headset was a gift from a certain red onyx he was in a relationship with
- ironically he is quite forgetful
- the pages of his book are like glass so if you shatter them with your fist, you will have shards of whatever in your body

Character Quote:
" hmmmm, describe you? Strange, impulsive, vulgar, no attention to detail, ignorant, short tempered, what else?"

"Ahh! Don't touch the headset!"
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December 18, 2017
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