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Spessartine Application- BDC by Amblygonite Spessartine Application- BDC by Amblygonite

Name: Spessartine
Nickname(s): Spess
Gemstone: Spessartine (garnet)
Gem location: Right bicep region
Height: two heads taller than rainbow quartz (canon)

Job: preventing intruders from escaping/entering

Class/rank: Castle guard
Home planet: 2nd planet
Abilities: "my illusions are capable of slightly more advanced things such as appealing to more than the sense of sight. If I try hard enough I can make them somewhat tangible but it takes up quite a bit of energy (lowkey why he gets tired easily)"

Spess originated from white diamond's court, he served under her for millenia as her advisor until he eventually grew bored of her as she would not pique his interests. He left her court and eventually wound up here. Spess is a seemingly calm and ignorant gem, often being seen lazing around but in reality he has more malevolent intentions and a ridiculous and astonishing amount of knowledge but that is only when someone manages to discover it. Overall spess is a very pleasant as well as knowledgable gem who has an uncanny charm to him. He will also find each and every way to screw you over if he wants to. He can be seen being beaten in combat due to a lack of interest in his opponent which usually results in him being viewed as incompetent but in reality if he's feeling it, he can wreck a fool. The way he loves others the cute, super affectionate type. He is almost never seen getting mad or being strict but when he is working the most he says is "im working".

Theme song: Still in love with you- Electro velvet

Synchronized dance style: Swing

- spess is actually very annoyed by his bangs because it covers his other eye, thats probably the reason why he lacks depth perception.
- spess uses "she" because when he was in white diamond's court someone had thought he was a female from the back view although he will be very uncomfortable when you call him a "she"
- he has this habit of getting real close and personal.

- physically stronger than you think
- Seems really incompetent when fighting without any one around.
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March 21
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