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Musgravite application-SDC by Amblygonite Musgravite application-SDC by Amblygonite
Oh and you thought I was only gonna make one criminal gem,so here he goes!

-he's got many hands,they can all punch,see special
-he's just gonna deflect it the moment he sees it coming,see special
-musgravites have no need of strength for their occupation
-he's not slow In terms of moving,he's totally disabled(he can't walk)
-he can take a few hits
-he is a total smartass,but he hides it well
-he has a powerful reality bending ability and he's An expert at using it

Gem: musgravite (pronounced as mus-grief-ite)
gem location: real right hand
Nicknames : boss grief, grief
Height: a whole foot taller than an average jasper

Rank:solo agent
Occupation:commissioner,terraformer . Most of the time a caretaker to all defective gems in the court
Weapon: hand(main)- these are naturally made by musgravite,the fingers can detach from the palm,the shape on each hand signifies what it does. Hexagon- lasers,cross-scanner,rectangle-stasis light(really weak),triangle-cannon.they are all quite weak

ways of the departed -when he puts the tips of the fingers of any of his hands together it makes a net that he can weave pretty fast and he can change it's properties. The net cannot be pierced or destroyed by any means,it can expand or shrink at will. Any bi-product of his abilities can be manipulated by him and turned into a new material or even a living organism.

We don't belong - his ways of the departed ability can create a grid! Anything the grid covers can be "edited" by him, he can change what it is,what it does,what it's made of,how big it is,what shape it is,what it smells like,what color it is,how hot or cold it is and etc. he can even erase it,when something is erased it cannot be remade by any means and it will seem like it never existed in the first place,He can edit gems too,but he often only does it if they want him to.if in any case he is disturbed or messes up during this,the object of choice will waste away ,most commonly in the form of rust or sand

Eyes of the forsaken - looking directly at his eyes will automatically paralyze you during paralysis you cannot do anything,which is why he covers his eyes with his hair ,things that he looks at tend to destroy themselves either by rapid rusting or collapsing into a pile of sand.

Origin: homeworld kindergarten Bg1894-3A

history: musgravite worked under white diamond as her commissioner and senior terraformer .He was sent  to convert a planet that homeworld no longer needed into a more useful material to build ships,he was accompanied by his moonstone who carried him around on the count that musgravite is disabled after a while of walking around the planet and spreading grids they found an abandoned kindergarten that had no gems in it except for a quartz that turned out scrawny and thinner than usual and also a selenite guard which was normal physically but not mentally. Musgravite took it upon himself to take care of them ,after he finished his job on the planet he brought selenite and quartz with him to homeworld and asked if he could employ them as his guards,white diamond approved. That time he only saw them as just guards,they would be trained often under and agate and would only have minimal time with musgravite,eventually as time went on he grew closer and very attached  to them and the number of gems under him grew and grew reaching the number of 67 gems. White diamond found out after a while due to a snoopy pearl which was apparently serving him at the time,he felt so betrayed.

the problem white diamond had with them was not their number but their defects,musgravite had been harboring totally "useless" gems.they were ordered to be by one he lost his "family" ,each day one gem being dragged out of his station by a group of jaspers,he heard all their screams and their cries for him to save them.he nearly went mad after hearing them scream every day.but he did not,only quartz and selenite remained,when they were being dragged out by the jaspers musgravite had to what was necessary so he wouldn't lose anymore of his "children" he took quartz,moonstone and selenite with him to earth,where they stayed undisturbed ,protected by the mountains and seas he has made. He investigated each kindergarten already there and formed his new family

it didn't last long however,they were caught up in the war and once again he lost his family just as fast as he had gotten them,he was only able to save  quartz and selenite,moonstone had gotten shattered trying to protect was absolute chaos,they could see and hear so many things,and indicolite's shout,a goldstone's stars and the wings of aquamarines being grabbed. The command to evacuate was started,he urged selenite and quartz to leave him and save themselves,but they refused."sir,you are a musgravite belonging to white diamond,correct?" A green indicolite had asked them ,he could only manage a weak "yes" ,instantly at that moment he was carried along with selenite and quartz to a ship, the Retribution.

he knew only the diamonds could do such a thing as powerful  as the corruption light. First they had destroyed his family and now they had destroyed his life, he resents homeworld and everything in it,but there is nothing he hates  more than white,blue and yellow diamond. He thought that their diamond would love them but he was painfully wrong,he hopes to see nothing from white,blue and yellow diamond in synthetic diamond. He rests his fate in her steady hands.


caring- how can you not sense this from him when you first meet him? He smells like cupcakes,he talks in a soft voice and he loves defective gems! He is super caring and affectionate to all gems despite what his appearance says about him

gentle- he knows how to get even the most shy gem to open up to him,because he's so soft

oblivious- he's oblivious to the fact that the gems he's taking care of are wrong,he's also quite oblivious when he's being warned that someone is abusing him which often gets him hurt

trusting- he trusts that synthetic diamond and her archdukes can do no wrong. He thinks that everyone around him can be trusted if he knows you

deceptively wrathful- don't be deceived by his behavior,he's no pushover. Don't be shocked if he knows your true intentions and whispers it to your ear and he'll advise you not to see it through.if you do however he will launch you into space,drag you back down and slam you into the ground, then blast you with lasers.

charming- all musgravites are known to be extremely likeable and persuasive due to their charming and clever nature.

understanding- he knows what bad experiences a gem had simply by looking at them,he's open to help you deal with it and move on, he also helps unconfident gems feel better

sardonic- he only shows this when he is talking to gems he deems as "bad" or has an unpleasant behavior because he just doesn't like them for whatever reason although he'll transition into a more pleasant demeanor of he sees that you are improving or atoning for what you did wrong.

shy- this is because of his eyes,musgravites are known for having rather "unique" eyes, and by his standard he is HIDEOUS AS FRICK cause of his eyes

 calm- he is never rattled by anything and he is calm at all time, he only pretends to be shocked to avoid being rude.

dance style: uhmmm,he's disabled buuut he's super I guess you throw him around?
theme: lone digger- caravan palace (encounter theme)
wonderland- caravan palace (fight or bad guy theme)
voice: welcome to tally hall - tally hall
-only one musgravite can be made every 83 miles and every other gem made there emerges with defects
- he is affectionately called boss by selenite and quartz who act like his lackeys despite him urging them not to do it
- he is abnormally light (2 pounds)strong winds can blow him away,so selenite and quartz are always holding on to him,they're not taking any chances
-he has super low standards for others but he has super high standards for himself,believing that his eyes are HIDEOUS AS FRICK.
-he's got a cat lip similar to Rubellite under his bandanna

-he's directionally challenged
-often seen being carried around by one of my gems
-he has a medic symbol on his hat,because he can repair cuts and bruises by turning air into a matching material.
-don't cross him,you'll disappear
-selenite and quartz are super protective of him,they will not let you through unless musgravite or they know you.
-he names his abilities as such because when he uses it,he somehow remembers each gem he cared for.
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BreakingAKitKat Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow jeez this dudes pretty damn cool, and hes a balanced character and has a nice design. wonder what quartz, moonstone and selenite look and act like!
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well either him and someone else or quartz and selenite become permafusions when the court opens that feature.
(sneak peek with super vague and short descriptions)

quartz- he's the fighter lackey,he loves to fight escpecially if he's taking on someone who touches selenite and musgravite especially

selenite- he's the guard lackey,he's often very overworked and paranoid because he evaluates every safety precaution possible,he stutters a lot

moonstone- he was actually musgravite's lover even before their escape,she didn't work for musgeavite because she had to but because she loved him.she is committed to getting the job done,she really likes inappropriate jokes(escpecially from musgravite) and last...... she's dead
MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he tol bean
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But then he can't walk so he looks short  O_o
MadKingMarc Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o3o yeahh
Jeclrs Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cripes, we're sorry it took so long to get to this. Thank you for just submitting it again.

Musgravite has a damn sad story! He's also incredibly powerful, but does seem to have a few reasonable weaknesses, so he doesn't come off as quite overpowered. I'm really curious if you or someone else is planning to make the Selenite and Quartz.
Amblygonite Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In fact I already have selenite and quartz drawn on my iPad I will probably submit them in the first week of November and I'm planning to make them a permafusion once the court is open for that feature! 🙂
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