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Magenta diamond's court application: Pegmatite by Amblygonite Magenta diamond's court application: Pegmatite by Amblygonite
Name: Pegmatite
Nicknames: Peggy

gem type:crystalline
Gem location:back of left hand
Height: a few inches taller than canon sapphire

Weapon: petals are razor sharp and can function as a mass of blades to quickly poof a gem however the petals are only sharp enough to cause scratches to a gem and since this ability is voluntary and she mostly uses her weapon in accordance with her ability and not for battle.
Rank: Supervisor
job: observes gem activity and reports any sort of suspicious activity to magenta diamond( petals can congregate into flowers that can function as security cameras)also helps in therapy of traumatized or sad gems who lost someone important to them by reenacting their memories with that gem
 Special abilities: petals can form from memories and create or imitate practically anything usually uses this ability to help let other gems see their happiest memories and petals can change into anything desired as long as the mass of petals is adequate 

-amblygonite says she is like a little kid an a lovely grandma at the same time
-she proclaims that she is helpful and loving to other gems 

Origin:homeworld- formed in a kindergarten on  home world and joined MD's court cause she MD was pretty.

Fun facts: 
-when a pegmatite is in a known location you can expect other gems to emerge with her such as amblygonite and spodumene 
her age is 6405 years old
-the gems she was paired with actually waited for 121 for her to emerge 
-if you touch her and her paired gems are nearby it's safe to expect that you will experience a minor inconvenience
-will occasionally play hide and seek without telling spodumene and amblygonite and during the time she's hiding they're busy freaking out

-"don't touch the hair it took me 121 years to get it to look that way"
-"ribbon give me a high five"
-"I'm in trouble this time"
-"you shine like a star"
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June 14, 2017
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